SI 电气与自动化事业部 产品业务总监

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

• Business strategy (incl. Go-to-Market) and implementation for EA BU product business 负责电气与自动化事业部产品业务的策略制定(包括Go-to-Market) 及实施. 
• Market study and specification for product portfolio of EA and work with PLM 与产品生命周期管理团队(PLM)合作对中压配电产品组合进行市场研究. 
• Business volume responsibility with all direct and indirect business of EA BU product business in China 负责电气与自动化事业部在中国的所有直接或间接的产品业务. 
• Lead Product BD team in regions and steer/support sales force of regions 领导区域内的产品业务发展团队,指导和支持区域内的销售团队 
• Pricing strategy and process handling with price quality responsibility. 负责定价策略的制定和流程执行 
• Business target agreement with internal SU(SBTA) and external partners (MBP) 与内部销售团队 (SBTA)和外部合作伙伴 (MBP)达成业务目标协议. 
• Market promotion with traditional measures(workshop/exhibition/advertisement) and digital platform 负责利用传统手段(工作坊/展览/广告) 和数字平台进行市场推广 
• Perform other tasks / responsibilities assigned by the line manager. 执行直线经理分配的其他任务/职责。 
What do I need to qualify for the job?

• Bachelor’s Degree or above. 本科及以上学历 
• MV/LV product or Power Automation business background 中低压产品或电力自动化业务背景。 
• Leadership role in Sales/BU functions with 10 years+ experience. 10年以上销售/事业部团队管理工作经验。 
• Multiple region/cultural collaboration background 有跨地区、跨文化团队合作经验 
• Fluent in both verbal and written English. 流利的英语口语和书面能力 
• Team player, customer and result oriented. 具有团队合作精神,且关注客户及结果导向。

What else do I need to know?
Work location: 上海闵行经济开发区天宁路299号

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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