Job Description

Ensure implementation of related quality procedures, processes for all assigned quality areas.
Ensure cross-functional cooperation to achieve quality business goals.

1. Establish reliable inspection system, and create and optimize control plan and inspection instructions for new product.
1. 编写及优化质量控制计划、检验指导文件,为新产品建立可靠的检验系统。
2. Participate in PFMEA as one of key team member and track the actions.
2. 作为项目组核心成员,参与过程失效模式及效果分析,确保识别出的风险得以有效控制。
3. Optimize appropriate quality control methods of the process and products so as to improve productivity and quality as well as reduce cost.
3. 建立/优化合适的过程质量和产品质量控制方法,以提高效率和质量、降低成本。
4. Lead/drive cross-functional team to solve complicated quality issues which may caused production stop via QTF/A3/8D.
4. 独立完成或解决其职责内的项目或生产需求或问题;运用QTF/A3/8D等质量工具,牵头解决较复杂质量问题。
5. Perform production quality reporting and data analysis in all production quality-related issues.
5. 对所负责的产品线,生产过程中的关键质量控制点的监控、分析,及时采取必要的纠正/预防措施,把质量风险
6. Cooperate with engineering/production team to evaluate/verify changes in product and process.
6. 与工程部门/生产部门通力合作,评价/验证产品和过程变更所带来的风险。
7. Initiate trainings for quality inspectors with regards to quality (e.g. methods and processes).
7. 为检验员提供相应的新品质量检验方面的培训,提升检验团队能力。

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Beijing Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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