Siemens Digital Customer Journey Specialist(Beijing/Shanghai)

Job Description

We are looking for the DCJ Specialist of PA, who is driver of PA e-business on DCJ, and the overall PA DCJ strategy and lead the implementation, via his/her expertise and knowledge on product and digital marketing.

What are my responsibilities?

PA DCJ Specialist of DI PA Program Office

·       Define the overall PA DCJ digital strategy and detailed action plans, including DCJ e-business figure forecast, portfolio coverage, pricing strategy, supply chain strategy, online partner management, integrated promotion package, etc.

·       Collaborate with business segments to drive PA e-business on DCJ: cooperate with business segments (product segments and VMs) to define annual products launch plan on DCJ e-biz platform, and relative development plan & promotion plan, regularly track the e-biz volume, analyze the status and take responsive actions

·       Collaborate with business segments to define clear pricing strategy and supply chain strategy to ensure the delivery.

·       Define PA marketing promotion plan on DCJ, and be responsible for the implementation, including but not limited to promotional articles/video, collaborate with DI DCJ team to implement a reasonable launch plan, Integration of PA offline and online marketing plan with DCJ resource

·       Take the advantage of online big data to further analyze the online customer behavior and explore more business opportunities.

·       He/She is the interface of PA to collaborate with DI DCJ team, who is responsible for transmitting and conducting DI DCJ strategy and regulations inside PA.

·       He/She is expected to understand clearly BU strategy, master plan, marketing plan, policies and guidelines. Keep close contact with biz segments. Track and evaluate the effect of DCJ promotion regularly. Feedback to business segments and take approvement actions

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • Bachelor or above
  • 3 years or above experience in product management, business development, marketing related job is preferred, master in digital marketing is a plus.
  • Familiar with and understand digital platform and digital marketing methods, have a strong market perception
  • Open mind, flexible, detailed focused, willing to learn
  • Good communication competence with different department and external partners
  • Fluent oral and writing English
  • Proficient in MS office software, graphic and video editing will be a plus
  • Travel needed

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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