Mechanical Design Engineer

Job Description

1)New Product mechanical development /新产品结构开发设计
-Mechanical architecture design/产品架构设计
-Confirm that production design fulfills the releated requirement & standards/确认产品设计完全满足相关标准及要求
-Risk management(schedule,cost ,quality...)/相关风险管理(进度,成本,质量...)
-Product designs are optimized through simulation or testing/通过产品模拟分析及实验结果优化结构设计
2)Mechanical design concept review in department/部门内部产品机械架构设计的评审
3)Support PM define the product portfolio in his/her technical domain /在其专业领域帮助产品经理定义产品线
4)Training and coaching of staff mechanical design skill improvement/培训部门内部工程师以提高设计技能
5)Product innovation supported/产品创新支持
-New design ideas generated and explored for new products/创新设计用于新产品设计开发
-Existing designs improved/现有设计的创新改进
6)Technical supporting as requested by relevant departments to meet collective targets/支持其它相关部门达到共同的目标
7)Support department manager for resource management ; indentify & build up  the competence 协助部门经理做本小组人力资源管理以及识别和建立相应的竞争力

5-10 years of experiences in mechatronics device/valve development working as mechanical engineer
>2000 hours of using NX/TC (Team Center) to create 3D model / engineering drawings and manage design data
Advanced in mechanical system of mechatronic devices or/and valves
Mastery in mechanical design of mechanical system, common parts, hydraulic elements
Advanced in common standards of mechanical design or/and valves used in buildings
Advanced in common material, mechanical processing and assembly
Advanced in applying DFMEA and other common methodologies to do technical analysis
Average in common mechanical simulation
Average in Lean/Agile development and iOT devices

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Beijing Siemens Cerberus Electronics Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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