Job Description

The System application specialist is responsible for customer and application specific productions / automation concepts and standards. 

The main responsibility is to develop future proof automation / production concepts for Flexible production Systems for various branches (e.g. Battery, Automotive, electronics).

She / He is applying the existing automation standards (e.g. SIMOVE AGV) in customer inquiries and supporting the offer team during especially during project bidding phase.

By analyzing customer RfQs, observation of market / automation trends / technologies she / he is collecting new requirements as input into the development roadmap for the various automation standards.


主要职责是为各行业(如电池、汽车、电子)的柔性生产系统开发面向未来的自动化及生产概念。她/他将向客户提供自动化标准(如SIMOVE AGV)咨询,并在项目投标阶段支持报价团队。通过分析客户的RfQs,洞察市场、自动化趋势及技术。 她/他将收集新的要求融合到自动化标准的发展路线图中。

Her / His responsibilities are in detail:

  • Development of concepts and solutions for AGV (Kinematic algorithm) applications in specific branches (either manufacturing and/or logistics applications) on customer request or as part of a project bidding team
  • Cooperation with line builders, system integrators and partners (e.g. AGV manufacturers) to apply the Siemens standards in the respective products and solutions
  • Implementation of a Know-How network with HQ, system managers, product management, regions, and solution teams
  • Identification of trends in market, application and technology and support to implement new requirements in standardization roadmaps
  • 应客户要求或作为项目投标团队的一部分,为AGV(运动学算法)在特定部门的应用(无论是制造和/或物流应用)开发概念和解决方案
  • 与生产线建设者、系统集成商和合作伙伴(如AGV制造商)合作,在各自的产品和解决方案中应用西门子标准
  • 与总部、系统经理、产品管理、地区和解决方案团队一起实施知识图谱。
  • 识别市场、应用和技术的趋势,支持实施标准化路线图中的新需求

The technical Consultant shall have the following technical competencies:

  • Production/logistics processes and application know-how
  • Risk assessment for production/logistics plants
  • Functional Safety for automation concepts
  • Automation- / Drives systems with focus on battery driven motors
  • Communication / Network technology
  • IT/OT KnowHow (Edge, Cloud, AI, ..)
  • WMS/AGV Fleet Management system Knowledge
  • Automation framework TIA portal

  • 生产/物流流程和应用知识
  • 生产/物流工厂的风险评估
  • 自动化概念的功能安全
  • 自动化/驱动系统,尤其是电池驱动电机
  • 通信/网络技术
  • IT/OT知识(边缘,云,人工智能,...)。
  • WMS/AGV车队管理系统知识
  • 自动化框架 TIA门户网站

As well as competencies in:

  • Basic knowledge for sales & account management
  • Presentations & Moderation techniques
  • MS-Office Tools


  • Englisch fluently
  • Analytical capabilities, decisive capabilities, communication capabilities, customer orientation, team spirit, planning and organizational capabilities

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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