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Job Description

HW Design Engineer 

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us
The SIEMENS Measurement Intelligence (MI) creates outstanding innovative measurement solutions. Our products are designed to supply our customers with the best industrial-automation-equipment available in various industries - all over the world.

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented

1. You will be part of a young, fun, innovate, diverse and international team.
2. You will provide electrical engineering expertise for new product development and product maintenance, such as enhancement and cost reduction from design perspective;
3. Need to ensure the feasibility and high quality of own results, related to the design, its specifications and all related documentations;
4. Communicate with project managers and functional managers on regular basis about the assigned project task planning, status of planned such as well as report identified risks, etc;
5. Initiate reviews with sr. hardware engineers as well as peers of same function and cross function related to project plan, risk identification and mitigation, design, testing and documentation, etc;
6. Support to identify own competence gaps in the own specific competence field and define measures to close such together with the team leader;
7. Watch the state-of-the-art and identify trends in the related specific competence area, including components, materials, tools/methods and standards in analog, digital and mix-signal domain and related technologies;
8. Comply with Siemens business guideline and related regulations.

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate
1. Bachelor’s degree (or above) with a major in measurement and control technology/automation/ electronics 
2. Preferred experience of product design, design verification and documentation for integrated systems, sub-systems and modules, from concept design up to release to production
3. Basic knowledge of analog, digital and mixed signal hardware design, dynamics, signal analysis, electrical components (such like microcontrollers, FPGAs, analog components) and electromagnetic compatibility
4. Basic experience of risk assessment and risk mitigation planning
5. Basic knowledge of standards and approvals and preferred international standards and approvals, such as ATEX, NEMA, CSA, FM, IEC, etc
6. Basic knowledge of technologies, such like assembling, soldering, trimming, potting, black-box-testing
7. Preferred experience of DFx, such like design for manufacturing, design for test and design for cost
8. Basic knowledge and experience of systematic design and value benefit analysis
9. Basic knowledge of electrical design engineering systems (CAE), incl. routing, layout and simulations programs




1. 您将会加入一个年轻、多趣、创新、多元化、国际化的团队。
2. 您的电子电路设计经验将在新产品开发和设计维护项目中提供发挥出关键作用,比如从设计角度来增强性能和降低成本。
3. 您需要确保自己设计输出具有高可靠性、高质量,包括电子电路设计及其参数说明书和其他相关文档。
4. 您将会和项目经理和部门主管就项目任务计划、任务状态等话题持续进行沟通,并能够以此为基础来识别出潜在的风险。
5. 您需要邀请高级硬件工程师、硬件团队的其他同事和其他设计部门的同事对相关的文档进行审核和评估,其内容包括硬件项目计划、风险识别和规避措施、设计、测试和文档等。
6. 您需识别出自身专业能力的不足并与团队主管一起定义相应措施来改进自己的能力以满足产品开发的能力要求。
7. 您需要关注相关领域的电子技术发展,包括元器件、材料、工具/方法和标准,尤其是模拟电路、数字电路、混合电路。
8. 您需要遵守西门子的商业合作行为准则和相关规章制度。

1. 学士学位或以上,测控技术与仪器或电子或工业自动化等相关专业毕业。
2. 具有电子产品设计、测试、相关文档(系统设计、子系统设计、模块设计)经验,包括从产品的概要设计到产品设计的定型,直到大规模量产。
3. 具有模拟电路、数字电路和混合电路的基础知识,了解动态信号分析、电子元器件(单片机、模拟器件)和电磁兼容。
4. 具有风险评估(技术方面)和风险预防措施计划的经验。
5. 了解常用的标准和认证,比如ATEX, NEMA, CSA, FM, IEC等等。
6. 了解电子产品常用的生产工艺,比如装配、电路板焊接、配料、灌封、黑盒测试等。
7. 具有DFx经验,比如为生产工艺而设计(DFM)、以测试为目的的设计(DFT)和以降低成本为目的的设计(DFC)。
8. 具有系统设计和价值分析的知识和经验。
9. 具有电子设计工具软件的使用经验,包括原理图、电路板图和电路仿真。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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