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Job Description

Product Test Engineer 

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us
The SIEMENS Measurement Intelligence (MI) creates outstanding innovative measurement solutions. Our products are designed to supply our customers with the best industrial-automation-equipment available in various industries - all over the world.

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented
1. Plan, setup, execute and analysis feasibility tests for different test items as part of design verification tests, integration tests and validation tests according to the project test plans.
2. Assist to create and review project test plans, plan and supporting the project test manager.
3. Ensure, that neither environment nor people can be harmed in any form by any of the equipment and any of the auxiliary materials of the test center.
4. Document the test results, review together with project test manager and publish test reports after review.
5. Support to determine the consequences for all technical changes which are requested (impact analysis) related to R&D tests, provide evaluations and recommendations.
6. Observe the state of the art related to test equipment, verification and approbation with focus on the own competence field.

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate
1. Bachelor’s degree of Electronics/Communication/Automation… or other relevant;
2. 3-5 years’ experiences on test domain in an international company
3. Know how on test design, execution and troubleshooting 
4. Knowledge of test processes incl. documentation and reporting
5. Knowledge of product testing, type testing
6. Familiar with using defect management system (such as Team Foundition Server)
7. Knowledge of using test management systems
8. Knowledge of using LabView or PLC programming (automation background)
9. Basic knowledge of using of electronic instrument (such like oscilloscope, multimeter...etc.)
10. Experiences on electronic product test
11. Strong team player
12. Good English




1. 计划、配置、执行和分析可行性测试、产品设计验证测试、集成测试和验收测试。
2. 辅助和支持项目的测试经理来创建项目测试计划。
3. 确保人或环境都不会受到伤害或破坏,无论这种破坏或伤害是来自任何设备或是测试中心的辅助材料。
4. 将测试结果文档化,与测试经理共同审阅和发布测试报告。
5. 分析产品的技术变更对研发测试带来的影响,并提供评估结果。
6. 持续关注最新的测试设备、测试技术和测试过程。

1. 本科以上学历,电子/通讯/自动化相关专业
2. 3~5年测试领域的相关经验(国际化公司优先)
3. 熟悉测试用例的设计、执行以及测试中的调试。
4. 熟悉测试相关流程,包括测试结果文档化和报告。
5. 熟悉产品测试和型式测试。
6. 了解缺陷管理系统,比如Team Foundation Server
7. 了解测试管理系统
8. 了解LabView或者PLC编程(自动化背景)
9. 熟练操作各种常见电子仪表(万用表、示波器等)
10. 具有电子产品测试的经验
11. 具有团队合作意识
12. 熟练的英语听说读写能力

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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