西门子数字化工业 质量管理专员 (上海-杨浦)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

1. To work with the assigned BU/depts/ BFs as quality partner through knowing them well and being involved in their daily things, as well as leading, organizing, coordinating, pushing, supervising and reporting quality related works, as a result to support their daily works and management activities.
2.  To monitor quality performance and drive CIP in assigned scope by means of  KPI, handling complaints and feedback from interested parties, external and internal audit, QMR, risk management, corrective and preventive actions, quality improvement projects and so on, so to make the related parties running better or make the business more competitive.
3.  To establish, maintain and optimize QMS continuously within assigned scope by combining business and customer demand, catering to SIEMENS requirement as well as the laws, standards and regulations from national and international authorities, meanwhile pushing QMS implemented also performing PDCA circle, in turn to urge QMS furthering and make it sure the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainable suitability and adequacy.
4.  To promote and build up high level quality culture within assigned scope  with the help of developing the colleagues working in individual depts and BFs with quality assignments, arranging training and knowledge spreading, organizing specific activities, propagandizing, supervising and urging, criticizing and praising and so on aiming for that every employee will take quality responsibility actively and would like to search improvement measures on their own initiative.
5.  To enforce team building and develop people by means of managing tasks, applying PMP, mentoring and coaching, supervising, empowering, sharing and reporting and so on for the sake of matching the people with the business and enhancing teams' competence and capability.
6.  To perform specific quality works as the topic owner via continuous self-learning, execution, data collection and report, meanwhile holding training, workshop, lessons learned and experience sharing, regular monitoring and checking and so on, being with the purpose of developing oneself and related colleagues at the same time enhancing company's competence in this field.
7.  Other jobs and tasks assigned by QM&EHS, DI T&OE, and SIEMENS quality reporting circle.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.  More than 5 years working experience and worked for minimum 5 years in quality management;
2.  Headed the work of building, maintaining and optimizing quality management system (ISO9001);
3.  Performed quality tools, methods and ideas expertly, such as PDCA, VSM, QC Seven Tools, Zero Defect, 8D, A3, QFD and so on;
4.  Organized improvement (or lean) actions or projects;
5.  Administrated complaints, quality incidents and customer satisfaction survey proficiently;
6.  Designed and implemented quality activities, such as training, workshop and so on to promote quality;
7.  Led quality audit and supervised the next follow-up;
8.  Managed people and team.

What else do I need to know?

-Know industrial automation business and product well;
-Be with strong skills and ability in communication, organizing, coordinating, network, training and project management;
-Communicate with foreigners in oral and written English fluently;
-Be with 5 years or more experience in foreign enterprises / organization;
-Worked in electrical engineering and service company. (Preferred)

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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