西门子数字化工业 (Sr.) EHS Specialist (上海-杨浦)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

1.  EHSMS maintain and optimization -According to the business situation, legal demand, requirements deriving from ISO14001, ISO45001& Siemens EHS Guideline, and external benchmarks, be responsible for maintaining, and continuous optimizing organization EHS within.

2.  Identify and collect  applicable EHS related policy, regulation and standards. -In order to ensure the company to consistently meet requirements of all national laws, regulation and standards, collect and study related laws, standards in a systematical way, and improve organization EHS accordingly.

3   EHS Performance Monitoring & Improvement To monitor the EHS performance, supervise operation of organization EHS; to continuously improve the performance and effectiveness & efficiency of EHS.

-   Facilitate top management on organizing management review to evaluate effectives & efficiency of EHS;

-    Conduct internal audit to check if EHS be implemented well;

-    Conduct monthly inspection to find risks and problems;

-    Organize the EHS training to all employees and new comer

-    Project/Service Site EHS monitor

-    Support on the EHS related problem analysis and corrective/preventive actions determine, also verify its implementation and effective.

4.  Promote and build up high level EHS culture by developing the colleagues working in individual depts and BFs with EHS assignments and organizing diversified training, workshop, poster and brochure, rehearsal, case study, lessons learned and experience sharing and so on, aiming for that every employee will take EHS responsibility actively and would like to search improvement measures on their own initiative..

5.  To supervise special operators, special equipments and special tasks by monitoring the overall process of the issues from beginning to end and giving professional request also conducting the issues (such as, doing the registration, filing, regular test of the equipment, administrating Personal Protective Equipment, coordinating the training and examination for the special operators, making special training for staff working for high risk tasks or investigating customer's qualification and so on), so to make company in compliance with the related laws and regulation, and make our people working in health and safe.

 6. Other jobs and tasks assigned by line managers and management.

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.  More than 5 years working experience, especially in electrical safety, fire protection, subcontractor’s EHS management, occupational health, hazardous solid waste, etc

2.  Be familiar with state laws & regulations and related standards

3.   Have the internal auditor certificate of ISO14001 & ISO45001 and relevant audit experience

4.   Have the certificate of national registered safety engineer

What else do I need to know?

1.   Know industrial automation business and product.

2.   Work by the ways of communication, organizing, coordinating, network, training and project management.

3.   Fluent English in writing and speaking

4.   Good presentation skill and communication skill. Be with 1 year or more working experience in foreign enterprises / organization.

5.  Worked in electrical engineering and service company. (Preferred)

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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