Research and Development Engineer

Job Description

Research and Development Engineer: validation and verification of automated vehicles

Significant progress has been made in development of Automated vehicles (AV). However, introduction of AVs capable of driving in different environments remains a long-term goal.

Systems with higher levels of autonomy (SAE level 3, 4, 5) must be thoroughly tested and be robust in complex traffic situations, adverse weather, and lighting conditions.

The number of potential scenarios a system could face are infinite, making it impossible for engineers to predict all of them and create algorithms to handle these accordingly.

SOTIF standard aims to improve AD system safety by iteratively adding newly found, challenging scenarios to the testing and development strategy and thereby reducing the number of unknown scenarios.

Siemens has already developed a systematic methodology to assist AD system developers to uncover new, previously unknown scenarios for AD systems in any scene using simulation.

This will help the industry to significantly reduce risks in their AD system development. 

In this position you are working with a team to answer the following main questions:

  • Further extend the metrics driving the optimization algorithm towards unknown-unsafe scenarios
  • Requirements & personality
  • We are looking for a great colleague, who is looking for new challenges, a pragmatic and analytic person, result oriented and resourceful regarding complex questions. Your most important "superpower" is communication.
  • You understand the underlying question and can turn that into a solution. You are a talented and enthusiastic young researcher;
  • You have MSc degree (or equivalent) in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Systems & Control, Automotive Technology, or a related discipline;
  • You have a strong theoretical background;
  • You are creative, ambitious, organized, and persistent;
  • Strong background in Machine Learning, Neural Networks;
  • Good knowledge of Optimization
  • Keen interest in Mathematics;
  • Hands-on experience with Linux;
  • Knowledge and experience with Python and MATLAB/Simulink;
  • Good knowledge of C, C++;
  • A good level of verbal and written English;
  • Valid (in The Netherlands) driving license is a plus

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: dARE - Operative Activity 576w (previously SISW B.V.)

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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