SLC Mechanical Engineer 电机机械设计工程师(西安)

Job Description


You will participate and influence the R&D activities of a world leading company in the field of Electrical Machines and contribute to the first-class product portfolio.  



  • Develop mechanical concept structure and/or components according to the defined architectures and milestones
  • 按照定义好的架构和开发计划进行整体结构的概念设计及零部件的机械结构设计
  • Prepare the models and documentations according to requirements and company standard
  • 按照需求任务书和公司标准创建模型和文档
  • Ensure the correctness, standardization of the structure design
  • 确保结构设计的正确性和标准化
  • Optimize the economy and competitiveness of the structure design
  • 通过优化设计保证成本优势和竞争力
  • Optimize the manufacturing process and serviceability of the structure and/or components
  • 通过设计保证制造工艺和可服务性的优化
  • Analyze the failure mode (D_FMEA) and solve the problems in the product manufacturing process
  • 分析失效模式并在制造过程中解决问题
  • Analyze the strength of the product structure and rotor dynamics
  • 进行结构强度和转子动力学分析


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Electrical Machines or Mechanical Engineering
  • 电机或机械工程专业的本科或更高学历
  • At least 5 years working experience in high voltage electric motor/Generator’s design.
  • 发电机设计经验
  • Independently finish the entire structure based on the requirements and electromagnetic results
  • 能够根据和电气计算书和其它要求独立完成结构设计
  • Correctly analyze and solve the general failure problems in the process of implementation
  • 在实施过程中正确进行失效分析并解决问题
  • High corrective rate of the structure design, high standardization rate, strong sense of cost effectiveness of the development
  • 保证结构设计的正确率、标准化率,具备较强的成本意识
  • Familiar with the overall structure features of different asynchronous motors. Familiar with 3D software (NX, Solidwork, ProE…) tools, Be able to analyze and calculate related component strain, stress, critical speed …
  • 软件,能够对应力、强度和临界转速等进行分析计算
  • Familiar with the manufacturing technology of the motor component and the structure design technology
  • 熟悉电机零部件的制造工艺和设计技巧
  • Basic communication ability with English
  • 基本的英语沟通能力

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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