P&O Advisor

Job Description

The purpose of the HR Advisor is to identify, gather, and provide requirements to help with the development of HR initiatives and to participate in the implementation of local HR initiatives.  The HR Advisor also plays a key role to advise / coach managers and employees on complex HR services, programs and policies while supporting all data management and documentation requirements at the local level.

1. Provide basic human resources services and operational support to the organization like discussing separation packages with manager and employee, explaining options for maternity leave, or explaining guidelines and policies

2. Answers questions that require a level of professional judgment beyond the scope of AskHR e.g. contract questions

3. Support employee relations activities by investigating and resolving issues concerning working conditions as well as people related issues such as manager/employee and collegue relationship

4. Assisting Line Managers to address specific people topics by advising on options (in context of Siemens policy and local labor law), assessing risk and acting as consultant to help managers decide on best course of action

5. Manage data and documentation handling at a local level as required

6. Implementation of local HR activities and projects in alignment with HR BP requirements

7. Educating managers and employees on best use of on-demand solutions for relevant HR related topics (e.g. AskHR, self-service applications)

8. Implementation of HR projects and initiatives

What do I need to qualify for this job?

▪ 3-5 years of experience above in HR or in a business function

▪ Experience with relevant HR systems (e.g. SAP, PeopleSoft, …)

▪ Bachelor’s degree in HR relevant field or equivalent like Professional Human Resources certification

▪ Good communication skills (verbally/written)

▪ Understanding of local labor law, HR processes and tools

▪ Customer focus, problem solving skill (pragmatic and compliant, analytical)

Organization: People & Organization

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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