MES 架构工程师 西安南京北京

Job Description

 Siemens is the leading company in digitalization transformation offering. Siemens Digital Industry (DI) set digital enterprise as core approach in 2025 master plan. Digital Enterprise & Digital Service business segment (CS DE&DS) has been setup globally to offer the marketed needed digital transformation portfolio. Incl. Digital Enterprise consulting, integration projects and data services. 西门子是数字化转型解决方案的世界领先公司。西门子数字化工业(DI)将数字化企业作为公司内部2025愿景的关键实现路径。西门子在全球范围内设立了数字化企业与数字化服务业务部门来为市场提供数字化转型服务,包括数字化咨询,数字化集成项目和数据服务。 

What are my responsibilities?

-        Focus on general discrete industry digital enterprises related project implementation


-        Based on the customer's business characteristic, it can quickly locate the boundary of the industrial information system and the core requirements and difficulties of the MOM system


-        Able to prototype and sort out detailed DDS documents based on URS and FDS during the project


-        Responsible for software architecture design based on productization, able to reasonably apply, guide and standardize customized development in projects based on product software architecture


-        Participate in the utilization of development resources, task decomposition management and quality control in the process of participating in the project


What do I need to qualify for this job?

-        More than 5 years working experience in industrial software project development, bachelor degree or above


-        Have background development experience based on .Net, .Net Core, proficient in application of standard WebAPI development, familiar with database development such as SqlServer, Oracle, etc., experience in application development based on microservice framework is preferred

具有基于.Net /.Net Core后台的开发经验,熟练应用标准WebAPI开发,熟悉SQLServer, Oracle等数据库开发,有基于微服务框架的应用开发经验者优先

-        More than 3 years of MES application implementation experience in the discrete manufacturing field, especially related industries such as mechanical equipment, automotive and electronics industries


-        Familiar with one or more international mainstream MES products, and be able to deeply understand its product design prototypes,have a certain prototyping ability


-        Good communication skills, willing to fast learn new knowledge and work under time pressure


-        Competence of oral and written English


-        Able to frequently travel


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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