(SSLS) 产品设计工程师 Product care VCB design engineer

Job Description

Why Choose Us? 
Join in Smart Infrastructure, be Zero Carbon Pioneer for a Better Tomorrow! Siemens Smart Infrastructure combines the real and digital worlds, by making cities smarter, energy greener, we contribute to sustainability and decarbonization. We build a better future for cities, societies, and industries to change the lives of billions of people for the better. We develop networks that supply our cities with light and heat intelligently and we know our way around automation and digitalization in the process and manufacturing industries. We are looking for smart thinkers and innovation drivers, clever minds that can tackle the most exciting challenges and make the impact in a unique mission to create a better tomorrow for society. People like you, what are you waiting for? 

What will you do if join us?
Responsible for VCB engineering design review and validate before release for production. 负责VCB工程设计在生产发布之前进行设计审查和验证。50% 
Responsible for Product Maintenance of SD and SB includes Maintenance of product configuration and cleaning up the BOM. Responsible for product certificates application. 开关柜和断路器产品的维护,包括产品配置的维护和 BOM 的清理。负责产品证书申请。 
Arrange localization projects in technology department. 安排技术部门本地化项目的实施。 
Evaluate and implement 3i which technical related. 评估和实施3i相关技术。 
Pre-investigation of product improvement. Products trouble shooting and technical clarification. 负责产品改进的预调查,以及产品故障排除和技术澄清。 
Support SP for Parts localization and supplier development. 协助采购部进行零件本地化和供应商的开发。 
Carry out the technical specification for outsourcing. Product and technical training to non-technical staffer. 执行对外包业务的技术参数规范,对非技术人员进行产品和技术培训。 
Perform other tasks / responsibilities assigned by the line manager. 执行直线经理分配的其他任务/职责。 

 Who are we looking for? 
Bachelor’s degree or above, major in Mechanical, Electrical or power automation. 学士以上学历,机械, 电气或电力自动化等相关专业。 
3-5 years’ experiences in Power Distribution business with a solid knowledge of market, competitors and Siemens scope of products/services. 3 -5 年的配电业务经验,对市场、竞争对手和西门子产品/服务范围有深入的了解。 
Understanding and experience of MV products, market requirements of them, and evaluation techniques which allow effective product differentiation. 了解并具有中压产品、市场需求以及允许有效产品差异化的评估技术的经验。 
Knowledge of medium voltage products and applications. Knowledge of competitors products and applications. 具有中压产品和应用的知识,了解竞争对手的产品和应用。 
Knowledge of common standard (IEC/GB/DL) and requirement specification of MV product. 了解中压产品的通用标准(IEC/GB/DL)和要求规范。 
Focus on project goal, innovative and influences by others. 专注于项目目标、创新以及对他人的影响。 
Ability to work in an intercultural environment with international teams and different company cultures 能够在与国际团队和不同公司文化的跨文化环境中工作。 
Fluent oral and written English is mandatory. 英语流利。(书面口语)

What we offer. 
 We offer a collaborative and caring environment with strong focus on life-long learning, result-based recognition, and competitive benefit options. We live up to a culture of team spirit, trust and mutual respect, a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion with various backgrounds, nationalities, expertise, and mindsets. You are encouraged to shape your personal development. Siemens offers flexible ways of working and we care for each other’s well-being. It is our priority to enable you to stay resilient and relevant in a permanently changing world.

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Switchgear Ltd., Shanghai

Experience Level: Early Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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