西门子数控 IT经理 SNC IT Manager

Job Description

Mission of Function?
Response for overall IT management of SNC, be the most reliable and value-add business partner of SNC business. Keep driving the digitalization forward with information technology align with DI IT MC strategy. Provide professional, high quality and secure IT services and solutions to SNC, to ensure the sustainable development of SNC.
全面负责 SNC的 IT管理,成为 SNC业务最可靠和增值的业务伙伴,坚持通过信息技术推动 SNC的数字化发展,遵循 DI IT MC的全球战略。为 SNC提高专业、高质量和安全的 IT服务与方案,确保 SNC的健康持续发展。

What are my responsibilities?
- Overall responsible for IT management of SNC, which include IT asset management, infrastructure management, Application management, factory digitalization realization, Cyber Security Management and IT outsourcing service management and so on.
全面负责西门子数控(南京)有限公司的 IT 管理。包括:IT 资产,IT 基础架构管理,应用管理,ERP 系统支持,工厂数字化实施,信息安全管控,IT 外包服务管理等等。
- Develop an IT roadmap and strategy for Digitalization and IT system according to DI MC and SNC strategy. Manage and implement headquarter/local IT project.
根据DI MC 和SNC 企业战略,制定 SNC数字化和 IT 系统的路线图和战略。 管理与实施公司总部和本地推进的 IT 项目。
- Responsible for SNC IT budgeting, planning, IT cost control and reporting, IT service management and projects implementation.
SNC IT的预算、规划、IT成本控制和报告,IT服务管理和项目实施。
- Response for IT division management, include people management and development, performance evaluation, target setting etc.
负责 IT内部管理,包括人员管理和发展,绩效评估,目标设定等。
- Ensure provide professional IT services and solutions to SNC. Implement high quality IT projects to archive SNC strategy and business target.
为 SNC提供专业的 IT服务和解决方案,实施高质量的 IT项目来完成 SNC的战略和业务目标。
- Ensure the compliance of Siemens cyber security in office and production environment. Performs internal audits and support external audits.
- Be the technical leader and innovation driver of IT in SNC
成为 SNC 信息技术的领导者和创新的推动者。

What do I need to qualify for this job?
> 10 Years proven IT team management experience in MNC.
十年以上跨国公司 IT团队管理经验
Bachelor degree above in IT technology background, plus MBA is preferred.
IT相关专业本科以上学历,拥有 MBA更佳。
Familiar with ISO 9001, ISO 20000, ISO 27000 system, COBIT, relevant certification is preferred.
熟悉 ISO9001,ISO20000, ISO27000体系,熟悉 COBIT,拥有相关认证优先
Familiar with CMMI, Agile, DevOps, software engineering, software development, data governance.
熟悉 CMMI,敏捷开发,DevOps,软件工程,软件开发,数据管理。
Familiar with IT infrastructure, including network, information security etc.
熟悉 IT基础设施,包括网络,信息安全等。
Deep knowledge and understanding of industry 4.0, digitalization in manufactory, Data analytic technology, factory work experience is preferred.
对工业 4.0,制造业数字化,数据分析相关技术等有深入的理解和知识,有工厂经验优先。
Strong learning capability and fast learner.
Organizational and strategic management skills, including budget and business planning and forecasting
Proven skills in business negotiation\contracting
Superior communications, presentation, and facilitation skills
Excellent English in oral and written

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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