数字化工业 数字化工程师 Digital Engineer 上海/西安

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As a focused technology company, we empower our customers to transform their industries and markets, helping them to transform the everyday.
Digital Industries helps customers and partners unlock their full potential, providing cutting-edge technologies for automation and digitalization of discrete and process industries. As an innovation leader, DI drives development of industrial IoT by integrating OT and IT. With Digital Enterprise portfolio, it provides companies of all sizes with the right products, solutions, and services for integrating and digitalizing the entire value chain. Currently, DI has 8 R&D centers, 7 factories and 6 training centers in China. 


Your responsibilities include but not limited to:

1. 面向行业头部企业,支持售前技术与产品支持, 优化客户体验
Provide technical product and presales support to top customers
2. 参与为流程行业(石油化工、玻璃、制药、食品饮料等)制定数字化转型方案及路径规划
Participate the definition of vertical process industry-oriented solution and roadmaps, like Petro-Chemical, Glass, Pharma, Food & Beverage, etc.  
3. 基于西门子完整的软、硬件产品落地执行数字化项目,为客户带来价值
Execute digitalization transformation related projects, based on Siemens’s digitalization portfolio, and help customers to win benefit
4. 参与创新,利用新兴技术及敏捷方法共同打造符合市场方向的颠覆性产品和方案
Participate to innovate by applying cutting-edge technology and agile methodology to form new products and solutions. 


What do I need to qualify for this job?
Sample for reference:

1. 本科或以上学历,电气工程, 计算机科学,工业工程,信息工程,软件工程等理工科专业的毕业生 
Bachelor or above, graduates in majored in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Industry Engineering, Systems Engineering and related majors in Science and Engineering are preferred.

2. 具有快速自学能力和驱动力
Strong and fast learning capabilities as well as self-driven motivation

3. 良好的沟通,演讲以及团队协作能力
Good communication presentation, and team collaboration capabilities

4. 愿意拥抱变化,成长型思维
Willingness to embrace the changes with growth mindset


We offer:

1. 与顶尖的数字化团队合作,获得工业前沿数字化的拓展能力 
You will work together with the top digitalization team to acquire the expansion ability of digitalization in the industrial frontier.

2. 深入了解客户需求,打造最优解决方案
Deeply understand customer needs and create optimal solutions

3. 将创新与专业结合,获得IT与OT融合的前沿工业经验 
Combine innovation with profession to acquire the industrial cutting-edge experience of IT and OT integration

4. 成为创新多样有趣的团队的一员,在西门子百年国际化平台提升综合能力,在职场中快速成长
You will be part of a innovate, diverse, fun team in Siemens, a century old international company, and grow rapidly in workplace.

What else need to know?

Process industries around the world benefit from our comprehensive portfolio and in-depth domain knowhow.
From clean water to re-thinking production in the ‘new normal’ – we make a difference by enabling our customers to be even more flexible, faster and efficient. We’ve got ideas for the future of automation.
Can you join us and change the future with us? 

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Full / Part time: Full-time

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