西门子数字化工业 先进自动化与机器人团队 研发应用工程师

Job Description



Do you want to be elite in advanced automation and robotics engineers? Then please do not hesitate to join in Siemens AAR Development Program which will give you a wonderful opportunity to look beyond the classical industrial automation and shape the future for the upcoming advanced and autonomous production where industrial robots are integral part of the factory automation. In the next 18 month you will learn more about the current industrial robots and collaborative robots and get the possibility to develop components and puzzle pieces for bringing new skills to the robotic controllers, integrate vision and force feedback systems into the applications and make production systems flexible, but robust and reliable. We are a new group, have open mind and will be happy to welcome you in our team. Which means we have lot of different function role which you may can take from your start with AAR. (Software developer, Architecture developer, Test, Application, BD, Marketing& Strategy ..etc. ) Let’s embrace and build up the industry digital world together here at Siemens.

Via below link you could know the real life of the Siemens AAR Development Program:


我们是一个快速发展的团队,有很多不同职能岗位机会可供您来担当。(技术开发,架构开发,测试,应用,业务拓展,市场及战略等等) 让我们在西门子一起拥抱并建立工业数字世界。


Your responsibilities include but not limited to:


After customized AAR training(overview about factory automation products, relevant industries, technical explanation, development methods, the trainees should be developed as Development Application Engineer with high competence and knowledge in products for industrial automation, field bus solutions, digitalization product and system.


Understanding of customer requirements, preparing proposals for technical solutions with a focus to further scalability of them


Implementing of prototype solutions, functional testing and presenting to customers


Support customers with technical consulting, engineering, implementation and commissioning


On-site trouble-shooting


Customized training (internal/external)




What do I need to qualify for this job?


Bachelor or above, graduates in majored in Electrical Engineering, Automation, Mechatronics, Computer Science, Industry Engineering, Systems Engineering and related majors in Science and Engineering are preferred, 1-2working experience is acceptable

本科或以上学历,电气工程, 自动控制,机电一体化,计算机,工业工程,系统工程等理工科专业的2022年应届毕业生, 也欢迎1-2年工作经验的候选人投递

Project Experience in the field of robotics technologies & applications is a plus


Customer focus, result and quality orientation


Willingness to embrace the changes      


Good communication skills


Fast learning ability


Team player, excellent service attitude


Skilled in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing




What else do I need to know?

数字化工业集团提供端到端的数字化企业业务组 合,实现整个价值链的集成和数字化,并携手合作伙伴,推动过程与离散行业的数字化转型。集团持 续创新,将面向未来的前沿科技不断融入业务组 合。目前,集团在中国拥有8个研发中心,7家工厂 和6个培训中心。

Together with partners, Digital Industry drives digital transformation of process and discrete industries with its end-to-end Digital Enterprise portfolio to integrate and digitalize the entire value chain. DI is constantly adding innovations to its portfolio to integrate cutting-edge future technologies. Currently, DI has 8 R&D centers, 7 factories and 6 training centers in China.




Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Full / Part time: Full-time

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