(SMRE) Production Manager 生产经理

Job Description

Implements defined overall production standards, and oversees and manages production operations, which may include area related maintenance, testing, processes technicality, engineering, etc. Make sure safety, quality, delivery and cost to meet team targets.
  • Implements defined superior policies and guidelines, and defines and ensures implementation of function specific processes, procedures, methods and/or tools. 贯彻公司方针政策,确保生产职能的实施,包括生产过程,程序,方法和/或工具。
  • Allocates personnel and production resources according to production plan. 按照生产计划合理安排人员和产能。
  • Manages organization unit(s) assigned, and leads and/or coordinates dedicated management and staff. 管理组织结构,领导协调管理团队和员工。
  • Contributes to and implements productions plans. Make sure delivery on time. 参与制定并实施生产计划,确保及时发货。
  • Evaluates and contributes to implementation of maintenance programs. 参与实施并评估设备维修计划。
  • Executes and contributes to implementation of continuous improvements in production processes. 实施并积极参与生产过程的持续改进。
  • Keeps budgets as planned and reduces wastes. Improve productivity. 按计划控制预算,减少浪费。提升生产效率。
  • Continuously improve process quality level, reduce COPQ and customer complains. 持续提升生产过程质量,降低质量不良费用和客户投诉。
  • Continuously improve work shop management, improve process flow and 5S. 持续提升生产现场的管理,提升生产过程流和5S。
  • Bachelor degree or above, major in electrical or mechanical automation related. 学士学位或以上, 主修电气或机械自动化相关专业。
  • Minimum 3 years' experience at manager position or 5 years' experience with a managerial role in MNC. 至少3年经理职位经验或5年跨国公司管理角色的工作经验。
  • Solid experience in Lean Manufacturing. 扎实的精益生产经验。
  • Experienced in organizing and managing a modern industrial production. 熟练组织和管理现代工业生产的经验。
  • Strong leadership and capacity of planning, organize and coach. 具有较强的计划,组织,导向的领导能力。
  • Fluent English communication skill. 流利的英语交流能力。

Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility Rail Equipment (Tianjin) Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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