(SMRE) Manufacturing Professional 生产管理专员

Job Description

Support production management team to fulfill KPI of safety, quality, delivery, productivity. cost reduction and other projects. Organize and manage related production department system documents. Work with EHS to continuously improve manufacturing process safety level. Maintain and manage Blue Collar attendance at HR system. Drives manufacturing process continuous improvement topics. Support production team to improve safety, quality, delivery, productivity and other cost. Work out or support production reports.
  • Optimize manufacturing process, workflow, and accidental prevention measures, and the respective processes and guidelines of production. Workstation improvement. 优化制造工艺流程,工作流、突发的预防措施和生产各自的流程和指导方针。 工位改进。
  • Plans, proposes and implements improvements projects on site or unit level, sets the respective targets, budgets and personnel resources, and steers the overall project process. 计划,提出和实施现场的改进项目,并为各自设置的目标、预算和人力,并且引领整个的项目进程。
  • Drives and supports all manufacturing improvement activities in the defined area of responsibility. 在所定义的职责范围内推动所有的制造过程改善活动并提供支持。
  • Continuously improve safety level, improve and train production team safety mindset and knowledge. 持续提升安全水平,提升和培训生产团队安全意识和知识。
  • In charge of MRO PO releasing at system for production. Control cost under budget. Continuously reduce cost. 负责生产部门辅助材料订单采购,控制费用在预算内,并持续降低生产费用。
  • Maintain Blue Collar attendance at HR system. Collect production data and calculate GISS. 维护蓝领员工系统考勤,收集数据并计算员工绩效奖金系数。
  • Coordinate and maintain quality system documents and measure tools related production. 协调维护质量体系生产相关的文件和测量工具。
  • Systematically improve manufacturing process. 系统性提升生产制造过程。
  • Coordinate admin tasks for production team and organize Blue Collar training. 协调生产部门行政方面的工作和协调组织蓝领的相关培训。

Position Requirement:
  • Bachelor or above, major in Mechanical, Electrical or Industrial Engineering related. 本科以上学历, 主修机械,电气或工业工程相关专业。
  • Have 3-year at least experience and related knowledge on processes and procedures,  (e.g. manufacturing process, lean tools, EHS knowledge and accidental prevention measures). 3年以上相关工作经验以及在流程和过程方面具有相关知识积累。(如:制造工艺,精益工具使用,EHS知识和事故预防措施等)。
  • Have Leadership and capacity of planning, organize and coach. 具有一定的计划,组织,导向的领导能力。
  • Fluent English communication skill. 流利的英语交流能力。

Organization: Siemens Mobility

Company: Siemens Mobility Rail Equipment (Tianjin) Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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