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• 负责LDA项目管理,重点关注进口产品,包括高压电机、中压变频器及冶金、油气、石化、船舶等行业的应用。
Responsible for LDA projects which more focus on imported products, including HV motor, MV converter and applications in metal, oil and gas, petrochemical, marine, etc.
• 组织项目团队进行项目的计划、执行、控制过程,确保项目在合同框架内良好执行,项目供货范围按时保质交付。
Organize the project team perform planning, execution and control processes, to ensure projects runs well base-on contract, make sure project scope delivered in quality and on schedule.
• 与项目利益相关方进行沟通,包括内部职能部门、外部客户、供应商、设计院等。
Communicate with project stakeholders, including internal functions, external customer, suppliers, design institute and so on.
• 组织设计工作并按时提供设计图纸和技术文档至客户,与客户及西门子工厂方面进行技术澄清。
Organize engineering work and provide drawings/technical documents to customers on time, make technical clarification with customer and Siemens factory.
• 根据项目进度组织协调第三方设备的相关采购工作。
Organize and coordinate the relevant procurement work for third-party supplied equipment.
• 与商务、物流协调,组织安排项目设备的国际物流工作。
Coordinate with commercial and logistic colleagues and organize the international transportation for project equipment.
• 项目现场安装指导及调试工作的组织协调。
Site installation supervision and commissioning organization.
• 根据客户需求,组织项目合同或订单的变更,协调销售、BD、商务执行相关变更流程。
Organize the change of project contracts or orders according to customer needs, coordinate sales, BD and commercial to implement relevant change processes.
• 对项目风险和机会的识别及分析,并主动管理。
Identify/analyze project risk/opportunity and manage them actively in advance.

Who are we looking for?
• 本科及以上学历,机电一体化、电气工程、自动化、项目管理相关专业
Bachelor’s degree or above, major in Mechatronics, Electrical engineering, Automation or Project management
• 3年以上项目管理实操经验
More than 3 years practical experience in project management
• 熟悉电机、变频器、变压器、高压开关设备、控制柜产品及其在工业领域的应用
Familiar with products and related industry application for Motor, Converter, Transformer, HV switchgear, Control cabinets
• 对工作有责任心,主动性,良好的沟通及客户管理能力
Strong sense of responsibility and proactivity, good ability of communication and customer expectation management.
• 熟练的英语听说读写能力
Proficient in written and spoken English
• 有跨国公司工作经验优先,有冶金、油气、石化等行业经验优先
Experience in multinational company is preferred, experience in metal, oil and gas, petrochemical industry is preferred

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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