Job Description

• Responsible for promoting PA DCP products and solutions in responsible territory, develop market share, achieve the yearly target
• Take responsibility for focused branch, key customers and key projects in territory, coordinate with BU resources and increase project win rate
• Collect current branch status, branch technology, branch digitalization selling points, main branch competitors and biz operation mode, branch cases and performance
• Collect SI’s focused branch, system integration capability, etc. according to SI’s background (SI’s focused branch, customers, development direction), make the development plan and knowledge transfer
• Collect fighting guide, product info (product strategy, technical highlights, selling points), analysis and comparison of products with main competitors
• Regular internal and external sales training, cultivate seed sales, promote region sales and distributor sales to dig out more DCP biz
• Market promotion: Actively organize seminar, workshop, etc. each year in the responsible territory
• Actively develop new customers and new applications in responsible territory

• 负责数字化互联(工业通讯、无线识别等)与电源产品的推广工作,拓展市场占有率,完成区域年度指标
• 了解负责区域重点行业、重点客户、重点项目等,协调BU资源重点跟进,保证赢率
• 了解负责区域重点行业的行业状态、行业工艺、行业数字化卖点以及解决方案、行业主要玩家以及运作模式、行业案例以及业绩等
• 了解负责区域系统集成商的行业背景、集成能力等,根据系统集成商的重点行业、发展方向,制定开发计划以及行业知识Transfer等
• 收集并整理重点行业Fighting Guide、产品介绍(如产品策略、技术亮点、销售卖点等)、竞争对手状况等
• 定期的内外部销售培训,培养种子销售,推动区域内部销售以及代理商主动挖掘DCP业务机会
• 市场推广:在负责区域内每年主动的组织Seminar、Workshop等,推广产品以及应用,挖掘DCP业务机会
• 在所负责的区域内积极主动的开发新的客户以及新的行业应用

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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