SXVT_Warehouse Supervisor 仓库主管

Job Description

Do you want to help create the future of healthcare? Our name, Siemens Healthineers, was selected to honor our people who dedicate their energy and passion to this cause. It reflects their pioneering spirit combined with our long history of engineering in the ever-evolving healthcare industry.

We offer you a flexible and dynamic environment with opportunities to go beyond your comfort zone in order to grow personally and professionally. Sound interesting?

Then come and join our global team as Warehouse Supervisor for People Management and target achievement for the warehouse.

Your tasks and responsibilities:

Responsible for warehouse personnel management and target achievement. Be responsible for the accuracy of inventory, ensure the accuracy and timeliness of all warehouse system related operations and meet the company's quality requirements. Responsible for continuous improvement of warehouse area planning and implementation of digital & automation related projects.

负责仓库人员管理和目标达成。负责库存的准确性,确保所有仓库系统相关的操作准确性和及时性且符合公司质量要求。 负责仓库区域规划的持续改进以及数字化&自动化相关的项目实施。

1. Lead the warehouse team to ensure the daily work is in accordance with the established process and meets the quality requirements.

2. Check inventory regularly to ensure that the accounts and materials are consistent and the raw materials are under good control.

3. Timely maintain SAP system settings and ensure timely and accurate SAP related system entry.

4. Keep the warehouse area clean and orderly for 5S. Ensure the safety and standardization of relevant operations. Continuously strengthen the on-site management of the warehouse.

5. Effectively manage the bonded warehouse of the company to ensure that all operations comply with the bonded management process and requirements.

6. Cooperate with the company's localization procurement strategy, and implement relevant material issuance and statistics.

7. According to the company's development strategy, evaluate and formulate new warehouse area planning and lead the warehouse team to complete the transformation.

8. Using lean management methods, implement digital automation improvement projects to effectively expand the storage space of the warehouse and improve the efficiency and quality of warehouse operations.

1. 领导仓库团队,确保日常工作按照既定的流程且符合质量要求。

2. 定期对库存进行盘点,确保账物一致,原材料处于良好的管控状态。

3. 及时维护SAP的系统设置,并确保SAP相关的系统录入工作能及时准确。

4. 保持仓库区域的整洁有序5S状态良好。确保相关操作的安全,规范。持续加强仓库的现场管理。

5. 有效管理公司的保税仓库,确保所有操作符合保税管理流程和要求。

6. 配合公司国产化采购战略,执行相关的发料和统计工作。

7. 根据公司的发展战略,评估并制定新的仓库区域规划并带领仓库团队完成改造。

8. 运用精益管理的方法,实施数字化自动化的改善项目来有效扩展仓库存储空间,提高仓库操作的效率和质量。

Your qualifications and experience:

1. You have bachelor’s degree, major in Engineering, Management, etc.

2. You have 5 years working experience in Warehouse Management and be familiar with SAP.  

3. You demonstrate successful experience to lead warehouse optimization project or process for quality compliance or higher efficiency.

4. You are a quick learner and self-starter, with good cross function communication & collaboration skills.

5. You have good written and verbal communication skills in English.

1. 本科学历,工程或管理类专业。

2.   5年及以上仓库管理工作经验,熟练使用SAP。

3. 领导仓库项目或优化流程的成功经验,以达到质量合规或效率的目的。

4. 主动性和学习能力强,良好的跨团队沟通和协作能力。

5. 良好的英语口头和书面沟通能力。

Organization: Siemens Healthineers

Company: Siemens X-Ray Vacuum Technology Ltd., Wuxi

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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