西门子 成都研发中心 后端软件工程师(.Net. C#)

Job Description

全栈软件工程师  (C#, .NET) 

  • 诚聘身怀洪荒内驱之力的全栈软件工程师,你将 
  • 加入分布式敏捷团队,使用前沿技术,开发西门子新一代工业产品 
  • 运用 Hackathon 验证创意概念,并推动 MVP 的用户端落地 
  • 参与演进式架构设计,实现与原产品线的无缝衔接 
  • 负责产品端到端高质量交付,如需求评审、详细设计、软件开发、代码质量等 

  • 擅长C#后端开发(ASP.NET)或者桌面端应用开发(Console/WPF/Blazor),对.NET或者.NET Core平台有深入的了解
  • 热爱设计、开发软件
  • 熟练运用敏捷软件开发方法,如TDD、Clean Code、结对编程、重构、CI/CD 
  • 计算机科学、电子工业、机械工程、工业自动化等相关专业本科及以上学历 
  • 善于分析、灵活机变,喜欢分享、头脑风暴 
  • 积极寻求和遗留系统集成的最佳解决方案

  • 有全栈开发经验,如 .NET、TypeScript
  • 有测试技术经验
  • 有各种云应用开发、容器技术、Web开发、DevOps技能
  • 英语口语和写作熟练

Software Engineer (C#, .NET)

We are looking for a motivated Software Engineer who
•Contributes actively to new generation products in Industry 4.0 using state-of-the-art software development methodologies and cloud technology in a distributed agile team
•Participates in hackathons to evaluate creative concepts and gain user feedback
•Supports the evolutionary architecture design, especially on integrating with existing products
•Delivers high quality products from end to end, including requirement review, detail design, software developing, code quality assurance activities

•Master of C# backend development (ASP.NET) or desktop application development (Console/WPF/Blazor), strong knowledge about .NET or .NET core platform and eco-system
•Passionate about software design and development
•Familiar with agile software development, like TDD, Clean Code, Pair Programming, Refactoring, and CI/CD
•Bachelor degree or above in Engineering field like Computer Science, Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, or Automation Engineering
•Excellent in analytical thinking and adaptable to drive changes
•Comfortable to share ideas with team and stakeholders
•Abstraction capabilities to find the best solution within the given solution space

•Experienced in full stack development, e.g. .NET or TypeScript
•Experienced in testing technology
•Knowledge of Cloud Application Development, Container Technology, Web Development or DevOps skills
•Fluent spoken and written English

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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