西门子 大连研发中心 软件研发工程师-C/C++

Job Description

Software Design Engineer

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us

The SIEMENS Measurement Intelligence (MI) creates outstanding innovative measurement solutions. Our products are designed to supply our customers with the best industrial-automation-equipment available in various industries - all over the world.

Your mission in new role:

• Work together with Agile cross-function development team, to design and implement process instrument product firmware for Siemens digital industry measurement intelligence portfolio. 

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented

1. In this role, you’ll participate to the complete Software development life-cycle. 
2. You will participate in conceptual work as well as programming and validation of Software and its artifacts 
3. You will strive for high-quality designs by doing code-reviews, writing unit tests and reviewing of all artifacts produced during software development 
4. You will be a member of distributed, international team
5. You are supposed to actively contributing to an agile development team with agile mindset

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate
1. At least 6 years of relevant professional experience in embedded software development, which you have ideally gained in a project-driven environment
2. Degree in Engineering (Computer Science, Software Engineering, Automation, Information Engineering or related) 
3. Good appreciation of industrial software solutions, architectures and field bus protocols 
4. OO design, UML 
5. OO programming (C++) 
6. Familiar with the most common development tools in the C/C + + environment, such as Visual Studio
7. Familiar with version management systems (e.g. ClearCase, Git), test automation (e.g. python) and Continuous Integration (e.g. Jenkins) 
8. Familiar with the industry filed bus standard such as FF(foundation field bus) ,Profibus PA is a plus
9. Good communication skills in English




• 与跨职能敏捷团队合作,为西门子数字工业设计与实现智能测量产品的软件与系统。


1. 您将参与工业级嵌入式软件开发的完整生命周期活动。
2. 您将参与概念化的设计与实现工作,包括设计、软件编程、软件验证和发布。
3. 您将参与高质量的工业级软件设计工作流,实施代码评审、单元测试、目标成果验证等关键过程。
4. 您将成为分布式的、国际化的开发团队的一员。
5. 您所具备的敏捷思维会主动的应用于敏捷开发过程中。

1. 超过6年嵌入式软件开发经验,适应项目驱动的开发体系。
2. 具有计算机科学、软件工程、自动化、电子、信息工程等相关专业学历。
3. 对于工业级软件及解决方案、现场总线协议等有较好的理解。
4. 具备面向对象设计的基本素养、UML设计的基本技能。
5. 熟悉面向对象语言,如C++。
6. 熟悉常见的通用的C/C++软件开发环境,如Visual Studio。
7. 熟悉常见配置管理系统如Clearcase、Git,自动化测试脚本语言如Python,持续集成工具如Jenkins
8. 熟悉现场总线协议知识如FF(foundation field bus) ,Profibus PA等。
9. 较好的英语沟通能力。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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