SLDE Lean Professional-Digitalization 数字化

Job Description

What will you do if join us?
1. Follow company strategy deployment then select and leading digital improvement projects (CIP) connect with KPI, Monitoring implementation of the solutions, controlling the results of the implementation, tracking the continuous improvement process and status.
2. Leading digital activities in whole factory, establish factory and department level digital system and maintenance system, provide appropriate digital solution.
领导全工厂的数字化活动, 搭建并维护工厂和部门级数字化系统, 提供数字化解决方案。
3. Through digital simulation analysis to identify the waste point and find improvement methods, optimize the whole supply chain and production process to optimize lead time.
4. Through digital method continuously tracks cost-driven, asset-optimizing and sales-increasing actions and performance indicators and supports PUMA actions.
5. Deploy standards digital description of methods and processes, and develops respective documentation.
6. Digital thinking and methods spreading and training, complete other tasks assigned by manager.

Who are we looking for?
1. More than 5 years’ experience of leading factory digital project, Plant simulation implement and have good logistic experience.
2. Bachelor’s degree, major in Automation/digital engineer, familiar MES/SAP/Power BI/Mendix/C++/AI...
学士学位,主修自动化/数字化工程,熟悉MES/SAP/Power BI/Mendix/C++/AI…
3. CET-4 or above, fluent oral and written English.
4. Good understanding / performing / coordination and cooperation ability, project management ability.

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Large Drives Equipment (Tianjin) Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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