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Job Description

The Story

There is a unique opportunity to get in at the ground floor of an expansion of EDA sales, support, and R&D with the establishment of the Siemens EDA Centre of Excellence in Saskatoon, Canada. This site’s unique cultural environment with supportive colleagues, team-based work environments, and deep community involvement makes it one of the most attractive employment opportunities in North America. This year, the site is scheduled to expand further, and continue to grow the EDA products they build and support.

One of those products is Aprisa, a technological breakthrough in Place & Route software and a recent acquisition by Siemens. Aprisa is poised for hypergrowth with a significant potential market; this will be like working for a start-up with the resources of a multinational.

You can be part of this growth.

The Job

Siemens EDA is looking for a new University graduate (Masters or Bachelors) to join a new team of Application Engineers (AEs) in its Siemens EDA Centre of Excellence in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. You will be a foundational member the team and report to an experienced EDA manager in Saskatoon who will be utterly dedicated to your success and the success of the team. Together, with your new colleagues, you will build on an established culture of excellence in Applications Engineering to win P&R engagements around the world through remote work and travel.

An AE is the primary link between the customer, the sales team, and R&D, but this role will require even more of you. Aprisa is a rapidly growing product so there won’t be an established lane for you, you’ll be working closely with a highly dynamic team, and it’s safe to say that the job will not look the same from quarter to quarter. You’ll interact regularly with marketing, R&D, sales, technical support, customer experience, and many different customer stakeholders. It will be enormously challenging and enormously fun.

The job has flexible hours and will not require overtime. You will meet customer expectations by working as part of a team, not by being a hero. When you must occasionally shift your time to work with European or PacRim/Indian customers, you’ll be able to take corresponding time in lieu. The hours are flexible to accommodate family and personal commitments, but in return, you’ll be a little more available to communications outside of normal working periods. This is a new team, so face-to-face time will be important, but you’ll be welcome to work some days at home if you’d like. You’ll also need to travel to meet customers and colleagues at times.

Some of this will be quite a lot of fun, other times it will be a lot of work. Most of the time it will be both.

Who You Are

·    You are excited about starting your career in a customer facing but highly technical role

·    You’re enthusiastic about the idea that your learning is only beginning and understand that this role will involve further education at a similar rate to what you just finished

·    You have superb communication skills and a high emotional intelligence, with an ability to navigate different frames of reference among many stakeholders. In school, you took on roles for capstone projects or in collaborative research that played to this strength

·    You don’t really understand what this role looks like in practice, but the idea of interacting with customers daily – especially highly educated and driven people – is tantalizing

·    You own challenges, finding solutions even when it might mean leaving your lane; you can easily find examples of this when asked

·    You are flexible & eager to learn new things, but you’re grounded in some experiences that match the challenging role you’re about to take on

What You’ve Done

·    You have at least a Bachelor’s degree in EE, CE, EP, CS, or VLSI. If you have a graduate degree, that’s excellent and we will compensate accordingly

·    You have some understanding of digital design, having done some learning on this as an undergraduate and (hopefully) reinforced parts of it in graduate school. You’re welcome to apply if you don’t have as much of this knowledge – we’ll teach you – but you may be at a disadvantage to those who have more of a background

·    You have teaching or communications experience. This might be official, such as being the TA for a course, or unofficial, such as running a community newsletter or organizing a gaming guild.

·     It goes without saying that you have scripting skills (TCL, command line *nix). If you have a good understanding of Verilog and UPF data formats you’ll be ahead of the game, but again, we’ll teach this to you if you don’t already know it.

·    You are legally authorized to work in Canada without company sponsorship.

Siemens Saskatoon

Siemens is located at the Innovation Place research park in Saskatoon with a stellar view of the city and river. Adjacent to the University of Saskatchewan, the Siemens offices are among the most beautiful in the city. The more than 150 developers, AEs, and support staff comprise the largest Siemens Software research & development facility in Canada. In 2023, the site will open a new suite of offices in the same building, providing space for growth to come. The co-mingling of research and development with sales support is rare in EDA companies and it creates a vibrant office environment that encourages collaboration on shared goals. Despite the spaces for collaboration, this is not an open office environment: Siemens employees have small, shared-occupancy offices to encourage mentorship and partnership on activities while reducing distractions. Siemens sponsors numerous community events to which employees are welcome and enthusiastically encourages a diverse and welcoming work culture.


Compensation is based on experience and market values for Saskatoon. You will be asked what your expectations are. There are multiple perks beyond the basic health insurance package, including a variable pay rate based on team attainment, RRSP matching, share purchase matching, and a healthy bonus structure for high-performing employees.

At Siemens we are always challenging ourselves to build a better future. We need the most innovative and diverse Digital Minds to develop tomorrow’s reality. Find out more about the Digital world of Siemens here:

This position requires employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 unless they are granted a medical or religious exemption.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Electronic Design Automation ULC

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

Siemens is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. Upon request, Siemens Canada will provide reasonable accommodation for disabilities to support participation of candidates in all aspects of the recruitment process. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment.

By submitting personal information to Siemens Canada Limited or its affiliates, service providers and agents, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of such information for the purposes described in our Privacy Code available at

Siemens s’engage à créer un environnement diversifié et est fière d’être un employeur souscrivant au principe de l’égalité d’accès à l’emploi. Sur demande, Siemens Canada prendra des mesures d’accommodement raisonnables pour les personnes handicapées, dans le but de soutenir la participation des candidats dans tous les aspects du processus de recrutement. Tous les candidats qualifiés seront pris en considération pour ce poste.

En transmettant des renseignements personnels à Siemens Canada limitée ou à ses sociétés affiliées, à ses fournisseurs de services ou à ses agents, vous nous autorisez à recueillir, à utiliser et à divulguer ces renseignements aux fins prévues dans notre Code de protection de la confidentialité, que vous pouvez consulter au

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