Global Head of Cybersecurity Strategy (m/f/d)

Job Description

Making an impact that matters!

For our Cybersecurity organization and reporting to our Global Chief Cybersecurity Officer, we are looking for a Head of Global Cybersecurity Strategy to develop and drive the Cybersecurity strategic direction moving forward.

What will be your role and challenges?

  • Develop the strategic approach for the organization, engender commitment amongst the Level 1 on the strategic direction to take and focus the organization on executing agreed strategies today and plan for tomorrow (medium & long term)
  • Develop and maintain the cybersecurity strategy in alignment with the corporate strategy, business cybersecurity strategies, as well as tailored to the threat landscape
  • Prepare the Cybersecurity organization for the future
  • Define Strategy together with Level 1 Leadership Team and make it happen
  • Definition of structure and execution of strategic initiatives through the development of work plans, gathering and generation of relevant data, driving analyses, and the development of actionable recommendations
  • Break down strategy to all levels of the organization and facilitates strategy process for departments and services
  • Amongst different sets of possible strategic decisions, decide what is right to execute (and not what is easy to execute).
  • Stakeholder management within and outside of the Cybersecurity organization
  • Participates in global Siemens strategy leadership rounds
  • Challenge thinking and discuss the subjects no one else wants to touch so that these issues no longer serve as barriers to agreement and action.
  • Take the lead on strategic questions that business-unit heads don't have the time to deal with
  • Review the business' current strategy and goals to identify its potential strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.
  • The Head of Strategy deals with different time horizons (short-term: ensure large strategic contracts, mid-term: prepare processes for competitiveness, and long-term: design of future portfolio, focus on target customer groups)

Main responsibilities and outcomes:

  • Identify the most important trends of the future and trigger needed preparation in the organization (technology/competition/supplier/customer)
  • Ensure the systematic strategy work in Cybersecurity to define its target picture for the medium and long term while working on the present too. Including alignment with our businesses' Cybersecurity strategies.
  • Constantly challenge and check the execution of the target picture to improve chances of success.
  • Support internal and external alignment
    • Central contact for Siemens' venture capital (Next47).
    • Overarching contact for T CST for direction and collaboration.
    • Identification of the right contacts within Siemens/CYS
    • Provide strategic search fields for partnering or possible acquisitions around cybersecurity5Strategic Planning: Develop the strategic approach/plan for the organization, engender commitment amongst Level 1 Leadership Team on the strategic direction to take and focus the organization on executing agreed strategies today and plan for tomorrow (medium & long term)
    • Identify the specific time and resources needed to meet our business goals 
    • Clarify/facilitate Strategy for every department and function, ensuring that all employees understand the details of the strategic plan and how their work connects to corporate goals

Relevant Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

1- Knowledge:

Needs to have:

  • Seasoned executive with a strong strategy orientation who has led major initiatives or businesses and worn many operating hats before taking on the role
  • Strong strategic thinking
  • Technical interest
  • Cybersecurity knowledge / experience

Nice to have:

  • Business leadership experience
  • Business Administration & Finance
  • Operational knowledge concerning Siemen's businesses (PLM processes in business units, sales & marketing)

2-     Skills:

Need to have:

  • Analytical
  • Anticipates problem areas and associated risk levels.
  • Makes recommendations and guides implementation of corrective and/or preventive measures for complex issues that cross organizational boundaries.
  • Evaluates various options regarding feasibility and other relevant criteria.
  • Fosters a culture which encourages learning from failure.
  • Solid communication and leadership skills.
  • Act AND Advise (Doer & Advisor role)
  • Someone who must see the issues confronting the company from as broad a perspective as the chief executive does
  • Be able to work with and influence people across entire organizations and beyond
  • Creative thinker and influential role
  • Facilitates all kinds of diverse groups, independent of their size that meet in person or virtually
  • Actively integrates all participants in the discussion and incorporates their opinions in an inclusive manner
  • Drives the group to action items and a common solution

3-     Experience:

Need to have:

  • Management consulting.
  • Strategic planning.
  • Leading management function in preferably different (Siemens’) businesses.
  • Main interfaces / mainly working with Corporate Executives & Management Team.
  • Broad experience and knowledge in our businesses. 
  • Collaboration across departments to determine and implement operational strategies.

Nice to have:

  • PLM Executives & Sponsors in the different Siemens' Business Units
  • Heads of RCs concerning focus regions
  • Strategy-related positions with technical IT/OT and Product Security affinity

4-     Leadership Skills:

  • Strategic Direction
  • Driving Change
  • Building Networks & Partnerships
  • Business Acumen

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Organization: Cybersecurity

Company: Siemens AG

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Either

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