Regional Channel Manager 区域渠道销售经理

Job Description

Your new role – challenging and future-oriented

1. Lead Team members to achieve BTA带领团队达到业务目标

2. Develop channel management, support BU for policy/strategy making发展渠道的管理,支持BU制定政策和战略

3. Manage and optimize channel systems, processes and documentation管理和优化渠道系统、流程和文档

4. Monitor channel business monthly / quarterly performance and improve channel productivity as well as efficiency and satisfaction监控渠道业务的月度/季度表现,提高渠道生产力和效率

5. Improve channel synergy within Siemens internal提高与西门子内部的渠道协同

6. Drive key channel development actions together with BU and sales region与BU和区域销售,共同推进渠道重点发展计划

7. Channel related compliance and risk management渠道相关合规及风险管理

8. Channel key account management and business development负责渠道大客户管理和业务发展

9. Manage channel conflict, improve cross region corporation管理渠道冲突,提升区域协作

10. Drive digitalization in internal and external.驱动内外部数字化

11. Make organization more effective让组织更高效

12. Improve channel customer satisfaction 提升渠道客户满意度

13. Organize partner conference and other market activities组织合作伙伴会议及其他市场活动

14. Other related tasks assigned by superior完成上级交办的其他相关工作

15. People management: enhance team members' competence, aligns all members toward team excellence in order to ensure long-term success with motivated high calibrate employees人员管理:提高团队成员的能力,使所有成员都朝着团队的卓越发展,以确保长期成功与积极的高素质员工.

Your qualifications – solid and appropriate

1. min. 5 years working experience on managing channel business5年以上渠道管理工作经验; 优秀者经验要求放宽

2. Multination company working experience is preferred有跨国公司工作经验者优先

3. Ambitious and aggressive to develop long term business, be able to coordinate on multiple interests and make fair decisions有开拓长远业务的雄心和进取心,能够协调多方利益,做出公平的决策

4. Basic technical know-how on SI products and solution具备智能基础设施集团产品和解决方案的基本技术知识

5. Promote all Channel products, solutions and services to related customers推广所有渠道的产品、解决方案和服务相关的客户

6. Visit regularly and establish good and effective, long term relationship with customers定期拜访客户,与客户建立良好、有效、长期的合作关系

7. Support Sales RGM to centrally manage China A program支持销售总监集中管理中国A项目

8. good leadership良好的领导力

9. Systematic, strategic, logic系统性、战略性、逻辑性

10. Commercial Knowledge商务知识;

11. Siemens policy and culture knowledge西门子的政策和文化知识

12. Sales & Negotiation skills销售和谈判技巧

13. Strong Presentation & Communication Skills较强的表达和沟通能力

14. Management experience管理经验

15. Digital platform experience数字化平台经验

16. Practiced commercial English skills熟练地商务英语能力;

17. Prefer to MBAMBA优先

18. Perfect PPT skills良好的PPT技能

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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