物流系统规划及解决方案工程师 仿真规划

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  1. 负责物流行业客户系统软件优化,项目规划工作;
  2. 负责指定的自动化物流设备电气系统及解决方案的设计研发;
  3. 负责样机开发项目的技术需求对接,主持与客户的技术交流,根据现有产品功能和集成工艺包,结合成功应用案例为客户提供现有最佳解决方案;
  4. 培训相关业务拓展团队销售团队、区域服务团队以及客户技术人员;
  5. 协助物流业务拓展及销售团队共同跟踪、完成项目实施,促进业务增长。

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  1. 本科以上学历,自动化、计算机类相关专业;
  2. 熟悉MCD,Plant simulation,medix等工业软件;
  3. 熟悉西门子自动化产品,尤其是控制器,驱动系统,通讯产品,;
  4. 有独立项目开发经验,具备整体系统规划设计能力;
  5. 熟悉ERP、MES、WMS、WCS等管理软件;
  6. 具备智能仓储物流方案设计相关工作经验,熟悉相关的自动化物流设备,输送系统,分拣系统,自动化立体仓库等;
  7. 具有厂内仓储物流项目的背景,或者食品饮料、制药、烟草等行业的产线物流设计和实施经验;
  8. 工作认真,愿意钻研,团队合作能力强,较强的沟通和协调能力;
  9. 具备流利的英语读写能力;

What else to know:

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DI VM ILOG is a DI level cross-BU BD organization setup with the focus on Intra-logistics market. Here the ILOG market scope includes airport, e-commerce & express, and material handling equipment in industries. We are responsible for bringing the Intra-logistics industry development strategy and DI total solution from product, system, solution and digitalization, to Siemens sales and customers. We make the business strategy and marketing developed activities and knowledge transfer measures to promote the business development both short term and long term.


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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