Internship: Child Kinematics and Abdominal Safety

Job Description

Internship: Child Kinematics and Abdominal Safety

January-July 2023

The Hague, Netherlands.

Simcenter Madymo is the industry leading software for analyzing human safety. It is a multibody dynamics tool with FE and CFD capabilities, that has a full suite of models of Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATDs, also call crash test dummies) to investigate the safety of vehicle occupants during crashes.

The Q series of ATDs have been designed to represent children. A significant safety issue for child safety is ensuring that the belt restraint system remains situated on the pelvis. If this does not occur, the belt can slide up into the abdomen area and cause severe soft tissue injury. In order to detect this, the Q dummies have a pressure sensor in the abdomen.

The challenge for Simcenter Madymo is to represent this in a realistic numerical model. The model will have to be accurate and predictive to be of use to safety engineers. The kinematics of the model must be captured accurately, and the relationship between the model’s motion and the predicted pressure readings will have to be established.

This internship will be run with the SaCoMo (Safety and Comfort Modelling) group based in The Hague, Netherlands. It aims at modifying and validating an accurate model of a Q10 ATD representing a 10 year old child and developing a numerical method to predict abdominal pressure.


The aims of this internship are to modify and validate the Q10 ATD model in Simcenter Madymo, and to develop a method to predict the abdominal pressure measured in a crash test. Experimental data will be available, and this internship will build on existing research work that has been carried out. This internship is situated in the SaCoMo group based in The Hague, Netherlands.


- Understand current model usage and limitations

- Study existing work and available information

- Design improvement plan

- Implement improvements

- Demonstrate improved behaviour of model against validation


The model will need to meet the standards set by the SaCoMo team’s internal quality requirements and will be reviewed by a domain expert to ensure the quality of the solution against industrial and academic standards. Once completed, the model will be subjected to a user acceptance testing phase to assess the user-friendliness of the solution.


1. Goals Report

2. Interim Report

3. Final Report

4. Final Presentation

5. Updated models with user documentation

Involved Parties

Sending Institution

Siemens Industry Software Netherlands BV, The Netherlands





Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software Netherlands B.V.

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Full / Part time: Full-time

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