西门子数控 精益工程师

Job Description

We eagerly look for talents dedicating to enroll in Digitalization revolution, who can work with us in Agile & collaboration way to drive SNC Lean & Digitalization transformation. 我们热切期待有志于投身数字化浪潮、勇于尝试新事物并做出改变的青年才俊,和我们一起用敏捷和合作的方式推动SNC的精益数字化转型

What we offer
Top Company in Digitalization Industry. Rapid business growth with good personal development opportunities 数字化及智能制造行业头部公司。业务增长迅速,发展机会众多
Many chances to exchange with experts from headcounter and other local/aboard SIEMENS plants有大量和总部及国内外SIEMENS其他优秀工厂专家们的技术交流机会
Rich opportunities to learn and engage in Digitalization project大量学习数字化核心技术并参与数字化转型项目的机会
Competitive compensation and people oriented welfare (e.g., home-office) 有竞争力的薪酬体系和人性化的福利制度(例如:在家办公)
Job Options from engineer to Lean Manager, based on your capability 基于您的经验和能力,我们提供从工程师到精益经理的不同岗位

What are the responsibilities?
Use traditional IE/Lean approach & advanced Digitalization tools to promote productivity for responsible area constantly 结合使用传统的IE、精益工具及先进的使用数字化工具(例如:PlantSim, Mendix等)系统地持续改善负责区域的效率,包括:
Plans equipment layout, workflow, and accidental prevention measures, and the respective processes and guidelines of production. 工厂/产线布局规划
Conducts time and motions studies and derives time standards for production calculations. 作业时间测定及持续改善
Value Stream Planning & Optimization价值流规划及优化
Pull-Based Production Control Concept Design生产控制模式设计及优化
Lineside Replenishment Solution线边物流配送模式优化
OEE Improvement
SOP, 5S, CIP…..

What do I need to qualify for this job?
Bachelor’s degree of Industry engineering / Information Technology/Logistic Engineering is preferred 优选工业工程专业/信息技术专业/物流工程专业本科学位
5 years+ working experience in Lean, Kaizen, IE, Logistic in manufacturing company. 在制造业有精益、改善、工业工程、工艺开发或物流改善岗位 5年以上从业经验
Good understanding of Lean/IE methodology, principle and tools, rich real practice对精益理念或IE核心工具、方法论有深刻理解,且有丰富项目实战经验
Basic capability for Low Coding tool, Data Analytics or simulation user experience will be a plus. 低代码编程工具、数据分析工具或Plant Simulation等工具使用经验优先
2D/3D Drawing application capability 制图软件熟练使用
Workable oral English communication skill. 英语可做常规业务交流

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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