西门子 数字化工业 人机界面3D解决方案助理实习生 上海/北京

Job Description


  • 作为西门子工厂自动化人机交互界面的技术支持中心,我们正在寻找充满激情的学生加入我们的团队,帮助为新一代的人机交互平台开发创新项目。


  • 从事西门子工厂自动化人机交互界面产品中的3D控件解决方案的开发
  • 创建3D应用案例和编写相应文档
  • 作为项目团队的一员,与其他团队成员(包含中国和德国总部)合作、按时完成各阶段的定制化开发任务。


  • 目前就读于一所获认可的大学,攻读计算机科学、计算机工程、电气工程等专业的学士及其以上学位;
  • 具备基本编程技能,熟悉多种编程语言(C#、JavaScript、Python等)和版本控制工具(如GitHub);
  • 具备行业软件使用经验,例如Unity Godot ThreeJS库;
  • 熟练的英语技能,能够书面和口语交流;
  • 积极性高,能主动向他人学习、分享自己的技术知识。

Job Introduction

For Factory Automation SIMATIC system support department, we are looking for 3D engineering assistant for SIMATIC HMI. The main responsibility is developing 3D application example for SIMATIC WinCC.

Job Content

·       Prove the concept for 3D solution in SIMATIC HMI products.

·       Development 3D applications regarding the solutions and create document of them.

·       Coordinate necessary internal resources (resources from China locally and headquarters as well) to deliver the application examples.

·       Work in team with other members and cooperate with other teams that take 3D solution responsibilities from different perspectives within Siemens.


·       Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering / Computer Science or other programming major related

·       Good knowledge in software e.g. Unity Godot ThreeJS

·       Good programming language e.g. C# JavaScript Python and version control tool e.g. Github

·       Should be proficient in English (spoken & written).

·       Good communication and strong ownership are must.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Full / Part time: Part-time

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