PhD – App Metering for the Edge Economy

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Mode of Employment: Limited; 17,5 hours/week


Use your knowledge as a springboard.

Do you like the sound of finding the smartest solution side by side with professionals and experts? If so, join us as a PhD student. We can help you to combine knowledge, discover connections, and formulate ideas. With around 2,400 employees, the Corporate Technology Department (T) secures the future of the Siemens Group together with the business units. T innovates with internal and external partners (e.g., universities, research institutes) on future technologies. The focus of its work is technology consulting and applied research for product departments within Siemens and its subsidiaries. We also transfer research results to current and future product developments through prototype implementation.

Change the future with us.

Edge computing has attained significant attention in recent years as it offers several advantages for industrial applications compared to classical IoT approaches. In particular, large amounts of data can be processed locally, i.e., close to the field devices such as sensors and actuators. Typical applications include monitoring of production lines and predictive maintenance of machines. Additionally, edge computing helps to protect sensitive, enterprise-critical data, and cloud usage fees can be reduced since there is no need to send all data to the cloud, e.g., for pre-processing and analysis. Finally, latencies can be minimized enabling even real-time applications.

As a key feature of many state-of-the-art edge platforms, apps may be purchased on a marketplace and deployed remotely to one of more edge devices. Similar to smartphones, however, the licensing and billing options are rather limited today. Frequent options are lifetime purchase or subscription on a mon­thly or annual basis. For industrial customers, more advanced options that depend on the actual use are desirable (pay-per-use). This requires secure and reliable metering of the resources an app consumes, e.g., hours of operation, network traffic, or the number of images processed by an AI algorithm.

In this research work you will:

  • Identify business models for edge apps and define relations between different stakeholders
  • Elucidate requirements an edge platform must fulfill for a future app economy
  • Carry out research on existing technologies (commercial and open source software)
  • Define appropriate software architectures, trade-offs, and APIs for edge app metering, usage transparency, and monetization
  • Elicit scenarios that bring in challenges based on edge network connectivity and analyze solution strategies
  • Systematically investigate scenarios that may compromise metering data
  • Specify trust mechanisms (certificates for devices, apps, etc.)
  • Implement prototypes covering all levels from edge to cloud
  • Test and evaluate your solution using real-world use cases
  • Present and discuss your results at internal and external events

Your research will be carried out in close collaboration with different partners within Siemens. This will give you the unique opportunity to apply your knowledge in practice and to prepare for a career in industry.

What you need to make real what matters.

  • You have a strong drive for achievement, a genuine desire to discover and try out new things, and your curiosity about new technologies outperforms others.
  • You have sound knowledge of software architecture and development, preferably in the area of Internet of Things and Edge / Cloud Computing.
  • You have a solid background in operating systems, specifically Linux, and related technologies such as containers, communication technologies, security concepts, and databases.
  • You have an excellent master’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, or a similar field.
  • You have proven experience and deep knowledge in implementing software in at least one high-level programming language – you love to code.
  • Due to the international structure of the doctorate, excellent written and verbal English skills are required. German skills would be advantageous.

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As an equal-opportunity employer we are happy to consider applications from individuals with disabilities.


Organization: Technology

Company: Siemens AG

Experience Level: Early Professional

Full / Part time: Part-time

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