SLDE System Engineer 系统工程师(电机机械)

Job Description

What will you do if join us?
• Designs and engineers the system down to detail to satisfy the specified requirements of the customer.
• Defines the products, components and subsystems to be used and their concrete characteristics.
• Configures the components and subsystems used according to the requirements.
• Develops detailed solutions for the integration to ensure the interaction of the individual elements as a functioning unit.
• Is responsible for the realization of the system with the required functionality, prepares the design documentation.
• May minister the executing units (e.g. manufacturing, procurement, logistics).
• Technical responsible for commercialized products including change management
• Complete other related tasks from projects or department.
• Continuous improvements take place under the lean principles within own responsibility. Well understand and strictly follow up the requirements of national laws and SEDL QMS documents so as to ensure the quality of product, service and process qualified and continuously improved.
• Strictly comply with and implement the responsibility and obligation in signed <SEDL EHS Commitment Letter>. Ensure to comply with national, local EHS laws and regulations, Siemens and SEDL EHS requirements.
严格遵守并履行员工本人签署的《环境、健康、安全管理责任书》中承诺的各项责任和义务。 确保遵守国家、地方政府、西门子以及SEDL的EHS法律法规和相关要求。

Who are we looking for?
• Mechanical机械方向: Working experience in mechanical design (component / mould) of structure, calculation and analysis on strength 机械结构设计(元件/模具)受力计算及分析经验
• Major in related engineering (electrical automation, mechanical, electromechanical integration or material) / Bachelor or above 工程类相关专业(电气自动化、机械、机电一体化或材料),本科以上学历
• Excellent English communication skill / 卓越的英语交流能力
• Strong communication and capacity of problem solving / 具有强的沟通及解决问题的能力

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Large Drives Equipment (Tianjin) Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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