SISW MC CN pre-sales for OEM Channel

Job Description

As part of the software sales team, execute industry focused, consultative and value added software sales engagements (typically small to medium sized engagements) through productive business relationships with customers and prospects. Using appropriate methods, develop financially quantified value propositions, business cases and solution visions specific to a customer or prospect, within the agreed customer sales strategy, to support the sale of software. Build trusted advisor status by communicating knowledgeably with the customer around business challenges, industry trends, competitor landscapes and wider interfaces, through the delivery of thought leadership, articulating Siemens SISW's vision and point of view on solution adoption to deliver business value using standard collateral. Work largely undertaken by developing customer relationships through face-to-face contact and site visits to facilitate future software sales. Works on projects/assignments of diverse scope. Typically works under minimum supervision on assignments/projects.

作为软件销售团队的一员,通过与客户和潜在客户的有效业务关系,执行以行业为中心的咨询和增值软件销售约定(通常是中小型约定)。 使用适当的方法,开发财务量化的价值主张,业务案例和特定于客户或潜在客户的解决方案愿景,在商定的客户销售策略内,以支持软件的销售。 通过与客户就业务挑战、行业趋势、竞争对手格局和更广泛的接口进行知识渊博的沟通,建立可信赖的顾问地位,通过传递思想领导力,阐明西门子SISW在解决方案采用方面的愿景和观点,以使用标准抵押品交付业务价值。 工作主要通过面对面接触和实地考察来发展客户关系,以促进未来的软件销售。 参与不同范围的项目/任务。 通常在最低限度的监督下完成任务/项目。

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for technical support and service of workshop management software products, including product introduction and demonstration, software technology application, technical training, etc.


2. Support and cooperate with OEM sales staff in product promotion, assist in developing OEM customer. 支持并配合OEM销售人员进行产品推广,协助开发OEM客户

3. Constantly learn and interpret product functions and updates, develop demonstration and training; Drafting, translating and completing technical training materials, implementing technical training and solving relevant technical problems.

不断学习和解读产品功能和更新,开展演示和培训; 起草、翻译、完成技术培训资料,实施技术培训,解决相关技术问题

4. Collect technical data and industry trends related to the responsible products, feedback to the product and technical department in time.


5. Provide technical support to potential OEM customers via the Internet and telephone.


6. Fill in the work plan and related work reports on time; 按时填写工作计划和相关工作报告

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with digital management software industry and products, understand CNC workshop management and production process. More than 3 years of technical experience in workshop digital software application, have strong software learning and application ability.

熟悉数字管理软件行业及产品,了解数控车间管理及生产流程。 3年以上车间数字化软件应用技术经验,有较强的软件学习和应用能力

2. Knowledge of manufacturing information technology and software solutions, familiar with CNC machining equipment and control system. Candidate who is with workshop management, CNC machining, process management, CNC system application and other practical work experience is preferred;

熟悉制造信息技术及软件解决方案,熟悉数控加工设备及控制系统。 有车间管理、数控加工、工艺管理、数控系统应用等实际工作经验者优先

3. Good communication skills and presentation skills. Integrity, good at learning, continuous progress, teamwork spirit;

良好的沟通能力和表达能力。 为人正直,善于学习,不断进取,有团队合作精神

4. Good English in listening, speaking, reading and writing; 良好的英语听说读写能力

5. Excellent work planning ability and firm execution ability; 优秀的工作规划能力和执行力

6. Bachelor degree or above, able to travel frequently. 本科及以上学历,能够经常出差

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Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Industry Software (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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