西门子 大连研发中心 高级软件开发项目经理

Job Description

Senior Project Manager for SW-Platform

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us
The SIEMENS Measurement Intelligence (MI) creates outstanding innovative measurement solutions. Our products are designed to supply our customers with the best industrial-automation-equipment available in various industries - all over the world.

Your mission in new role:
• Work together with Agile cross-function development team, to lead worldwide Software-Projects according to the high-quality SIEMENS-standards. 

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented
1. You will be part of a young, fun, innovative, diverse and international team.
2. You will plan, drive and manage Software-Platform related R&D-Projects, assign resources and lead all team-members of your interdisciplinary team functionally wise. You will align budget-requirements and approaches with Head of R&D and the Program-Management.
3. You will be responsible for reaching the project-targets: dates, cost and content
4. You will manage project risks and project chances and align all escalations with the Head of R&D and Program Management
5. You will Report progress and status of your projects to the management;
6. You will make the final decisions of the project and its team members inside the scope, which has been described in the project's agreement;
7. You will regularly Align with the Head of R&D and Program Management about the project
8. You will conduct, document and implement lessons learned/retrospectives from project regularly (i.e. continuously improve the project's performance).
9. Your very good English-skills are mandatory to communicate constantly with our multi-national R&D-teams.
10. Your flexible working times allow you to handle multinational teamwork between different time-zones and ensure your work-life balance. 
11. You like and have experience in intercultural, respectful collaboration
12. You will be responsible for projects with an over-all budget up to some million RMB

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate
• Several years successfully managed R&D projects with full responsibility during all project phases in define, realize, integrate, verify, start of production with big development interdisciplinary and if possible intercultural project teams
• Education of software, hardware, mechanical or mechatronic engineering expected.
• Candidates will be preferred, if they successfully conducted several full R&D projects of international companies, with cross functional teams of more than 3 full time heads, and international reporting.
• Profound knowledge of project planning, project risk management, project reporting and interproject alignment is expected
• Experienced in moderation-techniques; advanced communication- and influencing-skills 
• Advanced structuring and analytical skills are required
• Excellent leadership skills (clear task assignments, clear communication, active listening, direction providing, effective decision making, team influencing and energizing) are expected
• Act as entrepreneur all the times, be role model and coach for other project managers
• Deep technical understanding and long-term experiences in Computer science, Hardware & embedded Firmware development and industrial communication technologies (legacy and modern)
• Highly skilled in target- and value-oriented management and staff empowerment
• Proactive, self-driven and motivated character
• Experience in agile environments (processes and methods)
• High Quality-awareness, in particular related to industrial equipment
• Fast grasping and learning is essential
• Fluent english



• 与跨职能敏捷团队合作,为西门子数字工业设计与实现智能测量产品的软件与系统。

1. 您将成为一个年轻、有趣、创新、多元化和国际化团队的一员。
2. 您将计划、推动和管理与软件平台相关的研发项目,分配资源并在职能上领导您的跨学科团队的所有成员。您将与研发主管和产品研发规划部门协调预算要求和方法。
3. 您将负责实现项目目标:日期、成本和内容。
4. 您将管理项目风险和项目机会,并协调上报到研发主管和产品研发规划部门。
5. 您将向管理层报告项目的进展和状态。
6. 您将在项目约定的范围内,代表项目及其团队成员做出最终决定。
7. 您将定期与研发主管和项目管理人员就项目进行沟通。
8. 您将定期进行、记录和实施从项目中获得的经验教训/回顾(即不断提高项目的绩效)。
9. 您必须具备很好的英语技能,以便与我们的跨国研发团队不断沟通。
10. 您灵活的工作时间使您能够处理不同时区的跨国团队工作,确保您的工作和生活平衡。
11. 您喜欢并有跨文化、相互尊重的合作经验
12. 您将负责总体预算高达数百万人民币的项目。

- 有多年成功管理研发项目的经验,全面负责所有项目阶段,包括定义、实现、集成、验证、开始生产,并与大型跨学科开发和可能的跨文化项目团队合作。
- 希望您具备软件、硬件、机械或机电工程方面的教育背景。
- 如果应聘者曾在国际公司成功地进行过几个完整的研发项目,拥有3个以上全职负责人的跨职能团队,并有国际汇报经验,则会被优先考虑。
- 希望在项目规划、项目风险管理、项目报告和项目间协调方面有深刻的理解。
- 具备丰富的协调经验,具备先进的沟通和影响技巧。
- 需要成熟的结构化和分析能力
- 需要优秀的领导能力(明确的任务分配、清晰的沟通、积极的倾听、提供方向、有效的决策、影响团队和激发团队活力)。
- 始终扮演企业家的角色,成为其他项目经理的榜样和教练。
- 对计算机科学、硬件和嵌入式固件开发以及工业通信技术(传统和现代)有深刻的技术理解和长期经验
- 在以目标和价值为导向的管理和员工授权方面拥有高超技能。
- 积极主动、自我驱动和积极进取的性格。
- 具备敏捷环境(流程和方法)的经验。
- 高质量意识,特别是与工业设备相关的质量意识。
- 快速掌握和学习新知的能力将是必不可少的。
- 流利的英语。

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Sensors & Communication Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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