Job Description

Scope of description :
1. Have a strong mechanical aptitude.   
2. Can identify and know how to use basic hand tools.  
3. Follows all safety procedures
4. Can identify component parts and can recognize what is a machine surface, and what is not.
5. He will have to be able to follow instructions from journey man mechanic.
6. He will have an understanding of ringing materials, shackles, chains, straps, eyebolts etc.
7. He will have to train and understand when and where the above item should be used.
8. He will be able t identify when it is unsafe to use rigging provided, such as bent eyebolts, frayed  straps, etc.
9. He will be taught how to read prints, and understand teach manuals.
10. Have a full understanding of all hand tools, and specialty tools.
11. Know how to use all measuring tools, micrometer, depth micrometers, and height gauges, alignment tools, dial indicators and so on.
12. Know how to run and operate power tools.
13. Know all safety requirements related to his area.
14. Know how to accomplish set up heavy.
15. Know how to use test equipment example hydro test equipment valve pressure test equipment. 
16. OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety) / K3 responsibilities:
• Comply with and implement the company's OHS policies.
• Making hazard identification in the work area and complying with K3 rules applied by the company.
17. ISO 14001 / environment responsibilities:
• Implement environmental policies according to ISO 14001.
• Make identification of aspects and impacts in the work environment.
• Comply with and carry out environmental policy procedures implemented by the company.
• Dispose of waste in designated places according to ISO 14001 regulations.

Organization: Siemens Energy

Company: P.T. Siemens Indonesia

Experience Level: Early Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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