西门子 高级控制硬件设计工程师

Job Description

Mission of Function?
• Central brain of the drives, interface to customers

What are my responsibilities?
• Research & development for general motion control products.
• 通用运动控制领域产品开发
• Architecture and schematic circuit design for Inverter and Servo drive control board.
• 变频器和伺服驱动器的控制板架构以及原理图设计
• Inverter and Servo drive control board design verification test and type test.
• 变频器和伺服驱动器的控制板设计验证(调试)和型式测试
• Work closely with PCB layout engineers on the PCB routing.
• 指导PCB布板工程师一起合作布板布线
• Support other project activities, such as production line, market investigate & support.
• 支持项目的其他开发活动,比如生产线测试,市场调研以及市场支持等
• Other assignments arranged by line manager according to business needs
• 业务需要的其他安排

What do I need to qualify for this job?
• Strong knowledge with hardware development experience in ARM, DSP or MCUs.
• 扎实的ARM, DSP 或者MCU等嵌入式硬件开发经验
• Strong knowledge with peripheral and I/O circuit design
• 扎实的外设和I/O电路设计能力
• Strong knowledge with Analog and digital circuit
• 扎实的模拟电路和数字电路设计能力
• Familiar with high-speed circuit design, constraining and simulation
• 熟悉高速电路设计,约束和仿真知识
• Strong knowledge with communication port circuit design (eg. RS485, SPI, I2C, Ethernet…)
• 扎实的通信接口设计(如RS485, SPI, I2C, USB, Ethernet...)
• Familiar with layout overview, non-high speed or high-speed board design knowledge
• 熟悉PCB布线要求,非高速和高速电路走线知识
• Familiar with Production manufacture and test knowledge
• 熟悉生产线制造和生产线测试要求
• EMC design and debug knowledge
• 具备较强的EMC设计和整改知识
• Inverter/servo drive product and application knowhow
• 具有变频器和伺服的产品和应用知识
• Fluent in English speaking and writing
• 流利的英文口语及读写能力
• More than 5 years working experience in control hardware design
• 在控制硬件设计领域有超过5年以上的工作经验
• Team work and growth mindset, active and good in communication.
• 具备团队精神和成长型心智, 积极以及善于沟通

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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