Customer Care Engineer

Job Description

SPA Customer Care Engineer 客户服务工程师

What are my responsibilities?

1. Collaboration in the framework of Customer Care (Product Maintenance): Clarification of customer enquiries with feedback to the customer, reproduction and analysis of customer problems (faults); 2nd level support (support of customer project teams)

- Fault detection

- Support in respect of production acceptance and customer acceptance

- Support to the project team during release/upgrades

2. Responsible for local hotline dispatch (24H/7D), supply the solutions to customer on the phone, input the tickets to Footprint system.

3. Compilation of test configurations and parameterizations, call-back to customer according to level of priority (2h /1d /3d)

4. Retrieving further information from the customer in order to clarify a defect, informing the customer about available "maintenance releases"

5. Development of "work a round" for customer problems, entering field defects into the defect data base, entering inputs into the Footprint system.

6. Transfer of field defects/quality issues to QM/PM Maintenance, participate at monthly "Information Exchange Meeting - QM / PM Maintenance / System Engineer" (discussion of indicated customer problems / requests regarding product update/upgrade)

What do I need to qualify for this job?

* Bachelor’s degree in Power Automation, Electrical Automation, Protection Relay
* Protection relay configuration and test is preferred.
* Site service experience is preferred.

Organization: Smart Infrastructure

Company: Siemens Power Automation Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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