Video Editor- Supplyframe

Job Description


1. Be responsible for the editing and production of corporate promotional videos, technical popular science short films, documentaries and other commercial projects of customers, and have strong 2D/3D animation production ability. 
2. Be responsible for the editing of all kinds of self-made original videos of the company, including the shooting and editing of popular science, interviews, documentaries, sitcoms, disassembly and evaluation and other types of videos. 3. Be responsible for the editing and production of promotional videos of all kinds of exhibitions and activities of the company. 
4. Be responsible for the design of the beginning and ending of all types of videos Work on overall packaging and subtitle synthesis


1. Those who can provide a rich collection of works or work cases are preferred. 
2. Those who are familiar with the shooting process, have original views on the picture composition and lens language, and have real shooting experience in medium and large events are preferred. 
3. Those who are familiar with the use of various digital equipment and the shooting of different video themes are preferred. 
4. They can produce, edit and arrange promotional films according to the script or copy provided by the video editor, have a good sense of lens, and can effectively control the material and edit it into a film, Complete post-production independently, preferably with 3D animation production experience 
5. Have good working habits, material management ability and creative thinking 
6. Be able to skillfully use After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Edius, Vegas and other video editing software (must be proficient in two or more)


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Green Matrix (Suzhou) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Experience Level: Early Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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