西门子数控 卓越物流 高级厂内物流改善工程师

Job Description

Who we are?
The SIEMENS Business Unit Motion Control (DI MC) is one of the world's leading suppliers of motion control products, systems, solutions, and services. With ~20,000 employees in worldwide production, R&D and service locations, MC is close to its customers and established in a wide range of industries.

Our worldwide operating plants are pioneers in lean digital manufacturing. We deploy groundbreaking digital technologies to produce, package and deliver powerful motion control technology to the entire world.

In 2021 we opened the first fully digital native factory in Nanjing: SNCnew! Our mission: Drive Digital Excellence.

Do YOU want to be part of it as our new Segment Production Manager in our Electronic factory in Nanjing? Are YOU keen to drive our Production to the next level of Automation and Digitalization? Do YOU have the aspiration to act as a Lean leader with full responsibility for Production planning and Execution for one of our Production segments?

Then you are the right person for us – join us to drive Digital Excellence at SNC new!

What we offer?
1. Top Company in Digitalization Industry. Rapid business growth with good personal development opportunities 数字化及智能制造行业头部公司。业务增长迅速,发展机会众多
2. Many chances to exchange with experts from headcounter and other local/aboard SIEMENS plants有大量和总部及国内外SIEMENS专家们的技术交流机会
3. Rich opportunities to learn and engage in Digitalization project大量学习数字化核心技术并参与数字化转型项目的机会
4. Competitive compensation and people oriented welfare (e.g., home-office) 有竞争力的薪酬体系和人性化的福利制度(例如:在家办公)\

What are the responsibilities?
1. 制定厂内物流精益评价标准框架,并根据框架展开物流精益成熟度评估,识别主要问题
2. 召集相关研讨会,根据公司愿景及现状,带领相关领域的物流工程师及业务部门合作伙伴制定适当的精益物流升级路线图
3. 制定部门及业务合作伙伴精益物流能力培养计划并组织培训资源
4. 主导重要物流改善/规划类项目,以有效提高物流运营效率(例如:库存周转率提高、仓库运营效率提高、物料配送周期缩短、标准上线包装等)
5. 协同卓越数字化部门同事积极探索端到端物流数字化方案并实施

What do I need to qualify for this job?
1. 本科或以上学历,物流工程专业、物流管理专业、工业工程专业
2. 7年以上制造业厂内端到端物流相关岗位工作经验。对物流规划、厂内配送、包装管理、仓储自动化、物流数字化、物料存储策略等领域有广泛涉猎且在多个领域有丰富的实践经验
3. 团队管理经验优先。具备大型物流规划/改善项目主导工作经验
4. 熟悉精益物流改善框架、可熟练运用各种优化工具改善物流作业流程和运营效率,有丰富的改善类项目经验
5. 具备物流仿真工具相关能力优先;数据分析工具能力优先;CAD 2D制图软件熟练使用
6. 清晰的逻辑思维能力,有韧性且灵活的处事风格
7. 优秀的沟通和影响能力,结果导向
8. 良好的英语沟通能力

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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