西门子 成都研发中心 硬件工程师-X86架构

Job Description

IPC Senior HW Engineer

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The Digital Industry Division offers a comprehensive portfolio of seamlessly integrated hardware, software and technology-based services in order to support manufacturing companies worldwide in enhancing the flexibility and efficiency of their manufacturing processes and reducing the time to market of their products – be it the automotive or aerospace industry, mechanical engineering or other interesting sectors. 

Your mission in new role:

Work together with Agile cross-function development team, to invent, design and implement leading industry computing products for Siemens digital industry automation portfolio. 

Your new role – Challenging and future oriented

  1. You will be part of a young, fun, innovate, diverse and international team.
  2. You will closely coordinate with embedded software and mechanical engineering teams to plan high-level design of industry computing device.
  3. You need have architecture thinking, to consider constraints such as weight, overall dimensions, temperature range of operation, vibration, power consumption, EMC, etc. to achieve high level ruggedness and efficiency, to fulfill our commitment to customers in diversified industry filed application.
  4. You will be key person in R&D team to contact with many design partners / vendors, provide clear design requirements to them, make decision based on technical judgment, business benefit including cost, schedule and quality.
  5. You need drive the important component strategy with clear technical analysis and understand the big picture and trend, working with material strategy team from local factory and global procurement.
  6. You will be involved to track world-wide cutting-edge technologies of computing and semiconductor, estimate alternatives, and integrate the best into your design.

Your Qualifications – solid and appropriate

  1. Ideally you have successfully completed university education in the areas of Informatics, mathematics, physics, engineering sciences or you will have earned the recognition of such academic achievements based on practical programming experiences.
  2. BS above. >=5 years design experience on high-volume electronics products. And experiences in working with international team, in product lifecycle management with very good communication skill.
  3. You are familiar with world class electrical component vendors (mainboard, graphic card, AI card…) and love to cooperate with partners to find out best solution.
  4. Strategic thinking, result orientation, decision making is necessary during the cooperation with different partners internal and external.
  5. Strong grasp on X86 or ARM architecture, familiar with common periphery high speed design (DDR, PCIe, SATA, USB), signal integrity and power distribution techniques. Familiar DC/DC power topology and common EMC/EMI design principles.
  6. Extensive trouble shooting experience with oscilloscopes, multi-meters, logic analyzers, function generators, electronic load banks, power supplies, power analyzers, etc.
  7. You are a quick learner for new technologies and good sense at technical and marketing trend.
  8. You are fluent in English and good at English communication, additional languages are plus.

产品开发—IPC 硬件设计




与 跨职能敏捷团队合作,为西门子数字化工业自动化产品组合发明、设计和实施领先的IPC产品。


1. 你将成为一个年轻、有趣、创新、多元化和国际化团队的一员。



4. 您将成为研发团队的关键人物,与众多设计合作伙伴/供应商联系,向他们提供明确的设计要求,根据技术判断、商业利益(包括成本、进度和质量)做出决策。

5. 您需要与本地工厂和全球采购的材料战略团队合作,以清晰的技术分析并了解大局和趋势来推动重要的零部件战略。

6. 您将参与跟踪世界范围内的计算和半导体尖端技术,估计替代方案,并将最佳方案集成到您的设计中。


1. 理想情况下,您已成功完成信息学、数学、物理、工程科学领域的大学教育,或者您将根据实际编程经验获得此类学术成就的认可。

2. BS以上。 >=5 年电子产品设计经验。以及与国际团队合作的经验,在产品生命周期管理方面具有非常好的沟通技巧。



5. 熟练掌握X86或ARM架构,熟悉常用外围高速设计(DDR、PCIe、SATA、USB)、信号完整性和配电技术。熟悉 DC/DC 电源拓扑和常见的 EMC/EMI 设计原则。

6. 丰富的示波器、万用表、逻辑分析仪、函数发生器、电子负载组、电源、功率分析仪等故障排除经验。


8. 英语流利,擅长英语交流.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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