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Job Description


DI FA is the global market leader in Factory Automation technologies and systems. Factory Automation offers a wide range of products and systems for integrated automation solutions in all verticals with manufacturing systems. The basis of its business is the SIMATIC family. Further core components are human machine interfaces SIMATIC HMI, industrial PCs SIMATIC IPC, motion control system SIMOTION, highly innovative digital automation solutions based on AI and Edge Computing and add-on products for special environmental conditions. Across the entire portfolio “Totally Integrated Automation” (TIA) guarantees the optimal interplay of all products and systems. For customers this is key to continuous growth in productivity and sustainable competitiveness.

DI FA是工厂自动化技术和系统的全球市场领导者。工厂自动化提供广泛的产品和系统,用于所有垂直领域的制造系统的综合自动化解决方案。其业务的基础是SIMATIC系列。进一步的核心组件是人机界面SIMATIC HMI、工业PC SIMATIC IPC、运动控制系统SIMOTION、基于AI和边缘计算的高度创新的数字自动化解决方案以及用于特殊环境条件的附加产品。在整个产品组合中,"完全集成自动化"(TIA)保证了所有产品和系统的最佳相互作用。对于客户来说,这是生产力和可持续竞争力持续增长的关键。

What are my responsibilities?

- Reference design to decrease the difficulty of PROFINET development

- Test and certification for local PROFINET products

- New technology investigation and prototype development for OPC UA, TSN, 5G tec.

- Frequent contact with HQ technical experts to exchange information/get support.

- 参考设计,降低PROFINET开发的难度

- 本地PROFINET产品的测试和认证

- OPC UA、TSN、5G技术的新技术调研和原型开发。

- 经常与总部技术专家联系,交流信息/获得支持。

What do I need to qualify for this job?

- Bachelor degree (BSc) / master degree (MSc) in a relevant technical education like computer science, control technology, or electronics engineering

- Professional C/C++, Pytheon, low code programming skills. APP experience with industrial communication is a plus.

- Familiar with industrial communications, ie. PROFINET, EtherCAT, OPC UA, TSN, 5G etc. Relevant developer experience is highly desired.

- Strong learning capability on and is enthusiastic for new technologies

- Willing to take tasks under limited time pressure

- Fluent in English with speaking and writing

- Good coordination and communication skills

- Honesty, openness and collaboration

- 计算机科学、控制技术或电子工程等相关专业的学士学位(BSc)/硕士学位(MSc)。

- 专业的C/C++,Pytheon,低代码编程技能。有工业通讯方面的APP经验者优先。

- 熟悉工业通信,即PROFINET、EtherCAT、OPC UA、TSN、5G等。有相关开发经验者优先考虑。

- 对新技术有较强的学习能力和热情

- 愿意在有限的时间压力下接受任务

- 流利的英语口语和写作

- 良好的协调和沟通能力

- 诚实、开放和协作

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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