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Job Description


For automation system business unit, we are looking for an automation Product Sales Specialist.

The main responsibility is to push SIMATIC portfolio in terms of Panel, PLC and HMI to relevant channels and target customers.

What are my main responsibilities?

  • 担任SIMATIC产品组合的产品销售专家,实现销售目标
  • Act as product sales specialist for SIMATIC product portfolio to achieve sales targets

  • 向工业业务领域客户推广和销售西门子PLC/HMI/工控机/上位机软件/虚拟仿真软件/边缘计算/人工智能等产品
  • Promote and sell Siemens PLC/HMI/ IPC/PC software/Virtual simulation software/edge computing/artificial Intelligence products to customers in the industrial business field
  • 借助自身技术经验,配合区域销售部门联合开发OEM客户、最终用户及系统集成商Develop end users/System Integrators/OEM customers by cooperating with region sales or independently based on technical expertise
  • 探索和发展客户的需求,为西门子发展新的商业机会
  • Explore and develop customer needs and bring new business opportunities
  • 积极主动地采取行动,进行SIMATIC产品系列的市场推广活动以达到既定目标, 与客户建立并保持良好关系
  • Take proactive actions to promote the SIMATIC product line, and establish and maintain good relationships with customers
What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • 本科以上学历,专业工控/电气/计算机相关者优先
  •  Bachelor degree or above, major in industrial control/electrical/computer is preferred
  • 扎实的工控技术背景,有微型自动/中/ PLC(Smart PLC/S7 1200/ S7-200/300/)或TIA实际操作经验者优先;了解西门子产品或者竞争对手产品优先
  • Solid industrial control technical background, and best with hand-on engineering experience with Micro- automatic/mid/ PLC(Smart PLC/S7 1200/ S7-200/300/);TIA practical engineering experience is preferred;Rich knowledge of responsible SIEMENS products or competition products are preferred
  • 至少3年以上工控相关行业工作经验,有销售经验者更佳
  • At least 3 years working experience in SI, distributor or international/domestic PLC supplier. Sales experience is preferred.
  • 良好的内部和外部沟通能力,以及良好的倾听能力
  • Good communication skills internally and externally, and good ability to listen
  • 良好的演讲技巧,能做公开演讲。
  • Good presentation skills to present in front of large audience
  • 良好的抗压能力 
  • Resilience
  • 具有团队工作精神 
  • Team work spirit
  • 善于结构化和逻辑性思考,可以应用到现状分析,提出措施,实施和跟踪
  • Ability for structured & analytic approach to analyze status, propose measures, implement and follow-up
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Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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