西门子数控 流程自动化工程师

Job Description

Job Description:

1. Business needs analysis: Analyze user business requirements in manufacturing, logistics and daily operations. Participate in business research, optimize business processes, refine business logic and convert it into process robotic concept.

2. Solution design: Plan and design process robotic proposal in combination with function requirements. Proposal includes process digitalization design, data and database design, software development tools selection, IT infrastructure design and related RPA tool selection (UiPath, Automation anywhere etc.).

3. Application development: Independently develop the process robotic applications according to the design plan and meet end users’ requirements.

4. Testing and maintenance: Participate in SIT and UAT in the test phase, deploy the process robotic solutions in production environments, write relevant development documents and user manuals, and quickly troubleshoot or bug fix when solution fails

5. Monitoring and optimization: Regularly review the operation status of the project, maintain the delivered features in certain period, contribute to continues improvements of products and processes


1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields.

2. Solid software development background with 3 years + working experience in process robotic project. Experience with manufacturing related IT development is a plus.

3.Familiar with software development process methods and architecture design, proficient in one of JAVA, Python, C# or VB languages

4. Advance database knowledge in Oracle, SQL server and MySQL.;

5. Familiar with applications such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Q-lik, PowerBI, KIME, etc.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Numerical Control Ltd., Nanjing

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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