西门子 数字化工业 AGV AI研究实习生 上海/北京

Job Description


  • 作为西门子工业边缘业务的技术支持中心,我们正在寻找充满激情的学生加入我们的团队,帮助为即将到来的工业边缘生态开发创新项目。


  • 从事与边缘计算和人工智能相关的创新项目,如AGV集成开发与智能导航、移动端APP设计开发、机械臂控制;
  • 基于ROS平台,增添AGV的语音通讯模块,实现语音控制AGV运动,并对AGV的通讯模块、机械结构和导航功能进行优化;
  • 作为项目团队的一员,与其他团队成员合作、按时完成各阶段的定制化开发任务。


  • 目前就读于一所获认可的大学,攻读计算机科学、计算机工程、电气工程等专业的学士及其以上学位;
  • 具备基本编程技能,熟悉多种编程语言(Python、JavaScript、C/C++等)和版本控制工具(如GitHub);
  • 熟悉AI框架(TensorFlow, Pytorch)和 AI Pipeline;
  • 拥有基于AI技术的语音交互功能开发和ROS系统调试经验更佳;
  • 对机器学习、人工智能等新技术充满热情;
  • 踏实认真,能够持续、稳定地输出阶段成果;
  • 积极性高,能主动向他人学习、分享自己的技术知识。

Job Introduction

  • As the technical support center of Siemens Industrial Edge business, we are looking for passionate students to join our team to help develop innovative projects for the upcoming industrial edge ecosystem.

Job Content

  • Engaged in innovative projects related to Edge Computing and AI, such as AGV integrated development and intelligent navigation, mobile app design and development, manipulator control.
  • Based on ROS platform, add the voice communication module of AGV to realize voice control of AGV movement; optimize the communication module, mechanical structure and navigation function of AGV.
  • As a member of the project team, cooperate with other team members to complete the customized development tasks on time.


  • Currently studying in a recognized university, studying for a bachelor's degree or above in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, etc. .
  • Own basic programming skills, familiar with multiple programming languages (Python, JavaScript, c/c++, etc.) and version control tools (such as GitHub).
  • Familiar with AI framework (tensorflow, pytorch) and AI pipeline.
  • Own experience in voice interaction function development based on AI technology and ROS system debugging is preferred.
  • Full of enthusiasm for new technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Be practical and serious, be able to output stage results continuously and stably.
  • Highly motivated, able to actively learn from others and share individual outcomes.

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Full / Part time: Part-time

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