SLACO-Procurement Officer

Job Description

• Be responsible for inquiry, price comparison and negotiation of price and terms according to the purchase request provided by the project team;
• Be responsible for organize new supplier selection and evaluation with related departments, and pre- assessment with new supplier. Participate with supplier on site audit, and complete confirmation of new supplier qualification and application process of created new supplier;
• Be responsible for negotiation annual price and commercial terms, lead and perform contractual and price negotiations to secure project targets with optimum conditions;
• Organize definition and implementation for supplier’s strategy within responsible business units, and complete annual supplier evaluation, classification and definition and implementation of development for Class I supplier.
• Be responsible for application for create 3rd party material, provide required material database. Organize draft and subscription of Quality Assurance Agreement with key supplier.
• Organize research responsible material, cooperate with global commodity manager to define and implement material strategy.
• Clarify internal indicators for project controlling and compiling and all relevant information to submit qualified reports.
How can I qualify for this job?
* procurement/SCM
* Excellent negotiations skills, good communication capability
* Project Procurement experience preferred
* Bachelor or above, engineering background preferred
* English as dairy working languages, good at oral, reading and writing
* Good skill in office excel, PPT, and teams

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Company: Siemens Logistics Automation Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd

Experience Level: Early Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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