Job Description

Location:上海or 北京


• Combination of Siemens automation hardware and digital technology, to carry out the development and planning educational cooperative scheme, including: cooperation mode, professional construction, hardware products and curriculum resources, as well as cultivate teachers, etc.;

• Support for application solutions in Education Branch;

• the application of new technologies, new products and research and development;

• implement automation, digital lectures or training;

• organize education cooperation technical communication with customers and experience sharing, research and other activities;


• 结合西门子自动化产品、数字化技术,进行西门子教育合作方案的开发和规划,包括但不限于合作模式、专业建设、产品规划、课程资源建设以及师资培养等;

• 教育行业应用解决方案支持;

• 新技术、新产品的应用和研发;

• 实施自动化、数字化讲座或培训;

• 组织与客户的教育合作技术交流,经验分享、调研等活动;

Job Requirements

• Bachelor or above, Automation, Electrical Engineering and related;

• Familiar with Siemens PLC, DCS, HMI, Industry Network, Drives and other industrial products, familiar with software tools such as TIA Portal;

• Rich experience in industrial engineering projects and understanding of the education industry preferred;

• Familiar with PPT, Word, Excel and other office software;

• Good English reading, writing and speaking;

• Strong sense of responsibility, good team cooperation ability, learning ability, communication ability, logic is clear;

• Willingness for regular travel;


• 专业要求:学士或硕士学位,专业工业自动化/电气相关者优先;

• 熟悉西门子PLC、DCS、HMI,工业网络,驱动等工业产品,熟练掌握博途等软件工具;

• 具有丰富工业工程项目经验,了解教育行业者优先;

• 熟悉PPT、Word、Excel等办公软件;

• 良好的英文听、说、读、写能力;

• 有较强的责任心,良好团队协作能力、学习能力,沟通能力、逻辑清晰;

• 能接受出差;

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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