Job Description

Overview: Responsible for assigned OEM customer development and assigned task for new OEM development

Customer related

• Explore and develop customer’s aim and need, find and develop new type of customers for Siemens 探索和挖掘客户的目标和需求,基于西门子寻找并开发OEM客户的新机型。

• Have a deep understanding of OEM machinery potential, Increase OEM customer machinery market transparency continuously 深入了解OEM机型的潜力, 持续提高OEM客户机型的市场透明度

• Customer Satisfy, regularly customer visit, solve problem and improve Siemens market share via cross-selling 使用户满意、定期客户拜访、解决客户问题、通过交叉销售提升西门子市场占有率。

• Maintain and take care of connection with customers, building of the efficient before-sale, in-sale and after-sale system 维护并关注客户的关系,建立有效的售前售中售后体系。

• Coordinate with relevant resource like technical expert, RAPC, (PMA) for new machinery develop,design, debugging and pilot 组织相关资源技术专家、RAPC及 (PMA) 团队进行样机开发、设计 、调试和试运行。

• Familiarizes with customer operations and the problems associated with their business in order to gain information; problems of the customer's industry which may influence the sales success of machineries within that industry 熟悉客户业务运营等业务相关的问题,以获得有关信息;熟悉客户所在行业的问题,探究其如何影响OEM机型在该行业销售情况。

Market related

• Understand thoroughly OEM customer market development trend, customer business dynamic and cooperate with related End User deeply 洞悉OEM客户市场发展趋势及客户业务发展动态并与最终用户深入合作。

• Have a general awareness of related OEM market; analyze the activities and behaviors of competitors in OEM focused branch customers了解OEM客户相关市场情况并分析竞争对手在OEM客户和销售活动和行为。

Internal related

• Could be independently fulfill target可以独立完成销售目标

• Keep familiar with Siemens industry products, systems, solutions, service and digitalization module as well as OEM branch typical application, promote and sell them to customer熟悉西门子工业产品、系统、解决方案、服务、OEM行业典型应用以及数字化模块,推动销售给客户。

• Manage new machinery opportunity by using philos for and Trust IT(CDP) for existing customer 使用phlios管理新机型,Trust IT(CDP)管理已有客户。

• Follow Siemens compliance regulation and rule遵守西门子合规要求和规则

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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