Job Description

Strategy Implementer/ 战略执行者

• Act as manager role to lead distributor own business including daily management, learning and development


• Keep balance with different distributors in same office and good conflict management


• Research and transfer the MBP to distributor and accurately quarterly check percentage complete and offer the feedback to distributor

研究和传递MBP 政策,季度性精确测算完成率并反馈分销商。

• Research and transfer information such BU, products, price and so on to distributor timely


Sales Coach / 销售指导员

• Coach Distributor to develop own business customer Help develop distributor own business target customer, CDP 分销商自主业务目标客户开发、CDP。

• Help distributor draft people development plan and implement, push the learning via E-learning and on site


• Pay attention and participate in daily operation of distributor and give advice


• Good communication with distributor management 和分销商的管理层有良好沟通。

• Collect the information from distributor (organization change, strategy adjust, incentive adjust, sales and technical change) and transfer to relevant person收集分销商内部信息(组织结构、公司战略、奖金机制、销售技术人员等变化)并传递给相关人。

Market Knowledge/ 市场认知

• Knowledge the distributor and distributor's own customer, main branch and market ,main competitor of distributor认知分销商以及分销商背后的客户,客户行业、市场、竞争对手等情况。

• Knowledge the forecast of distributor's O.R., Stock, Outbound, EDI/E-booking/ E-flow EDI/E-booking/ E-flow etc.认知分销商的订单、库存、出货等预测,EDI、电子订票、电子流程等相关事宜。

Cases in Siemens/ 西门子内部事宜

• Maintain the distributor in Philos;


• Coordinate the cooperation between distributor and siemens; coordinate the resource from Siemens to push distributor business 协调分销商和西门子各部门的合作,协调西门子合理资源。

• Follow Siemens compliance regulation and rule


Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Full / Part time: Full-time

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